Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hmmmm, loving the holidays!

Its warm, but not too hot, and we have mangoes! Lots and lots of mangoes! The kids LOVE mango season! They devour them..would eat 5 a day if I let them, but I did let them once and it didn't do nice things to their, ummmmm, poop, so its back to about 2 a day:-)

They SMELL like summer! And the messes that they make are really truly summer messes.
Mango all over the face? Go hose yourself off!

Whilst they were feasting on mango goodness, I was scrapping.

I started my calendar for this year LOL

Better late then never right??

Its pretty simple, i don't want anything too bulky or heavy, as it wouldn't stay up on the wall if it had too much weight, and if I went 'fancy' lets face it, it would NEVER get done!

So its started! I need to quickly do a bit more, then I can re assemble it (it was just a plain spiral bound one) I undid it, because I decided that it needed to have that little area where the holes go covered, cause you know, its the first place people look and all!!!
My first weigh in tonight! I am a bit nervous!!


Jayne said...

Your calendar looks great Kirsty!! Can't wait to see the rest of it :) Good luck tonight!

Melissa said...

It's great that your kids love something so healthy. And Wow! Your calendar looks Amazing! I wish I was that crafty! Good luck on your weigh in!

Jillene said...'s. I love me some mango's!!

The calendar looks FANTASTIC!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Around here (in Southern California) its more than 80 degrees and we have clementines which my boys love.
Good lock on the weigh-in!

mary smith said...

It's so funny to see summer your way when it's the dead of winter over here! It's refreshing to see all that sun!

Sharon said...

Hey Kirsty - calendar looking great - and I loved seeing the wedding photo of you and Mick and remembering that I WAS THERE at your wedding (the last time I went anywhere...well it feels like it!)Happy Anniversary - I actually scrapbooked a page about going to your wedding ages ago! (yay me!) And as for the mangoes - we are mangoed out here - have two trees and after the first rush of sort of becomes a chore to eat the excesses overflowing the fridge!