Friday, January 9, 2009

Five Fab Faves:-)

Yes people. Its back!!!!

#1 The Twilight movie. Loved it. (although my Edward is MUCH hotter)
#2, Carbs. Oh how I love carbs.... And my new diet is low carb. *sigh*
Luckily its only a kick starter, cause I reeeeeeeally don't think I could say goodbye to Carby goodness for too long!

#3 My new hair cut. I like it! First time EVER I have walked out of a hairdresser without wanting to cry or buy a hat.

Hooooo boy...excuse those wrinkles! Probably not the best pic...I have been at work all day.

#4 my watch. I got this from my husband for my birthday. Its pretty..even has diamonds, and handy cause its an eco drive one so it never needs a new battery!

#5 is my ALL TIME family. I love em. I even love our annual pizza fight (occurs every Christmas eve - and strangely enough does not involve throwing pizza..the fight occurs looong before the pizzas arrive!))

hah...Singstar...good times!

Soooooo, what are yours this week???


pink4u said...

Hi Kirsty!!
Happy New Year!
Great Faves...I still haven't seen the Twilight movie yet...but finished all the books..*sigh*
LOVE your beautiful watch...your husband has great taste!!!! :)
Carbs??? My weakness..I'll take potato chips over chocolate anyday!!:)
(your layouts are gorgeous)
Take Care!
Joanie :)

Kerryn said...

The watch looks very noice indeed! The haircut looks good too (from what we can see of it!)

Dena said...

Yeahhhh! I am so glad you are back. Hell I have missed you and your faves!

I soo want in on the pizza fight.
My Edward is WAY THE HELL hotter than the movie Edward. In fact all of my people were much hotter in my head.

I hope you had a great and relaxing vacation girl! But it is great to have you back :)

Wendy Smith said...

great top 5

mine are:
- sleep ins(never happens, but I can dream)
-ice-cream (any flavour but love rum and raisen)
-holding hands (with DH preferribly)
-piles of folded and ironed clothes
- the smell of rain

Pound said...

your twilight poster is so different than ours. edward doesn't look so awful in yours!
but i still love him. cedric 4ever! :P