Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Faves:-)

#1 Foam dots. How great are foam dots????
#2 (sorry, my new diet is making me hungry, the next few months weeks may contain lots of food heavy faves....
Skinny Cow ice cream. Yum! And apparently my good friend Oprah likes them too LOL

#3- again. low carb chocolate. yeah. Its saved me this week. Seriously.

#4 being married to my sweet heart:-) Love him!

#5 is my all time decadent fave. Pedicures. I got one as a birthday gift from my sil and brother when I was in Ballina...I got a gorgeous french polish, and am STILL loving my tosies 2 weeks later.

^^^^^not my feet...I have hobbit feet, so as my gift to you, I stole an image to demonstrate my are welcome;-)


Dena said...

Did you just say hobbit feet LOL!!! Omg that is hilarious. Feet gross me out. John always makes fun of my loathing for feet and thinks I am stupid LOL

I am totally hungry now and am going to have to go have some chocolate. Thanks ;)

pink4u said...

I want to be Oprah's good friend too...!!!!!!!

Great faves this week although just like Dena..I want chocolate right are in big trouble!!! :)

Take care,

Chloe said...

Best of luck with the diet Kirsty! I've been on one for a couple of weeks... and it totally sucks! But I guess it's all worth it in the end. Keep at it!!!