Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday's Scrapping :)

I FINALLY started my Christmas gift tags (hehehe...its not technically last minute!)
My Mistletoe Slice cartridge came with the new speed upgrade..WOW so much faster! An entry for Aussie Pub Calls Roadmaps...done before I read they were closing LOL
And my LO for Scrap the Girls...
I had to do a close up shot...that hand beading around the circles took me FOREVER. So please, admire ;) LOL

And a see through cutty-out bit!

And here 'tis...

Not sharing the criteria, you will have to pop on over to Scrap the Girls tomorrow to see what that is!
Thanks for stopping by..have a fabulous week!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wading Pool is up...

So does this make it officially summer?

The rats were begging for a dip at 7am this morning...we managed to fob them off until 8.30... I can't even begin to comprehend the difference in this little guy from last year! He was seriously terrified of the water! Guess the $12738719827398217398719 we have spent on swimming lessons this summer is paying off!

Don't you just love the goggle marks after some serious swimming!?

I think these girls make goggle marks look GOOD!

Have a great Sunday! I am off to my room to scrap :-D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday Faves...on Saturday :)

Heh...sorry 'bout the late posting!!!

#1 this week is Martha I am especially loving the cookie of the day section! Who doesn't love a cookie of the day? A new recipe for yummy bickies every day! #2 Cherries...mmmmm....cherry season! I treated myself a few days ago with a handfull from the shop, I think I got to eat about 4 when everyone else discovered them! LOL

#3 Lamebook...its hilarious!!!

#4 The clean kitchen that I wake up to every morning :) My husband cleans the kitchen every night...does the dishes, wipes down the benches, makes sure the floor is clean...and it is SO nice to not be faced with a bombshell in the morning LOL

#5 is the kitchen cleaner himself...its his birthday today :) Unfortunatelyt he is celebrating by working , out fighting fires. Stupid fire season:(
He is an amazing father...

And an incredible husband. He is my prince charming...all my dreams come true:)

Happy birthday my lovely husband. You make me so happy each and every day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Version of the December Daily Journal

Its main difference is...its not, well, daily!


I did it last year. And I attempted to get it done daily, but I failed. Miserably.

I have an album that I love, with some awesome memories that I otherwise wouldn't have captured. But it is still unfinished.
And will forever more remain so.
I just can't make myself go back and finish it.
Mostly because my brain is going and I can't remember a lot of what the garbled notes and scribbled on bits of paper were reminders of LOL
Let alone which DAY things occured!
The pressure!

So I have made mine again this year.

It has about 15 pages in it. Un-numbered, ready for the happenings of December.

It also has lots of envelopes and clips and secret pockets for tucking in extra photos and notes. I will be writing neatly this year so I can remember *suuuuuuuuuure I will*

So I am starting to get excited about having a finished mini album at the end of December
No really, it COULD happen!

Shabby Chic Butterflys and Bows entry

This month's challenge at Shabbychic butterfly's and bows was to use this image as inspiration, and also to use gingham on your LO So here ' pink it almost hurts my eyes! Not really sure if I reeeeeally like it!
And a close up of my fave bit...showing some of the gingham too;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Faves!!!!

Wooooo! Its Friday people!!!

#1 this week is.... Hahahaha! just jokes! (although it IS my eternal fave...I won't do it to you AGAIN this week LOL)

#1 is cleaning my ears. Ahhhh...gross but soooooo good!
I know I am not meant to do it, but how can something that feels so good be wrong???LOL
Mick apparently doesn't share my love of cleaning my ears...he thinks I am strange when I get that blissed out look on my face.
My brother calls it 'ear-gasms' *heh*

Oh ew...will I never learn my lesson with the whole 'google image' search thing???

I decided to spare you the mouse with the ear on its back *shudder*

#2 Is work related! *gasp* Its has been SO hot and it has been SO nice to go to work and avail myself of their amazing air conditioning!

My other fave is that the lovely temp lady we had there this week did all the business banking this Friday :)

Its usually my job on a Friday, but when this lovely lady comes out to us, she does it for me!

*not the lady in question...some random bank teller off google images;)

#3 Pauls double thick custard...YUMMMMMM

#4 Fresh pineapple. SO good!

#5 My new fave train-wrecky site!
Its hilarious!!!

Seriously...what are people thinking? Do they not own mirrors?
A quick glance at your outfit before you leave the home....its Free!

Argh! My eyes!!!!

And the cars of Walmart!

Funny stuff!
have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

But I'm not ready yet!!!!

I am totally NOT ready for my little mate to go to school next year. He is by my side constantly whilst the girls are at school. We sing, we play, we craft, we shop (he ALWAYS manages to come home from every shopping trip with a little 'extra' something!)we just hang out together.
And then this arrived.

Its a mean mean letter telling us that this Wednesday is Prep orientation. *sniff*
And he has the nerve to be excited!
I can't believe that our year at home alone together is almost done and dusted...excuse me while I go and snuggle my little baby boy!

Sunday Scrapping :)

A just 'cause....I actually started this a week ago, then my DT kit arrived from Wicked Princesses, and I put it aside...when I went to finish it yesterday, I looked at it and couldn't figure out where to go next its kind of not finished, but kind of has to be, cause I am stuck! A challenge for the LSBS Cyber Crop this weekend...4 mini canvases stuck together to make one big canvas wall hanging :)
And two more from my Wicked Princess Space Cadet kit :)

And cute was I??? LOL

Have a happy week!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Happy happy happy mail arrived yesterday!

In this magazine....
Is a whole page with one of my LOs on it!
My cutie patootie niece :)
Might have to let my SIL know so she can snag a copy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Faves!

Oh man... you know what my faves are going to be this week!!!!

#1 getting a Toffee apple red KitchenAid in the mail! #2 Discovering that the toffee apple red KitchenAid was really and truly all for meeeeeee :-D
#3 Playign with my toffee apple red KitchenAid. It just feels nice ;P

#4 Cooking cupcakes with my toffee apple red KitchenAid mixer!

#5 Walking into my kitchen and admiring my toffee apple red KitchenAid mixer several times a day :)

I'd like to say that you have heard the last of the toffee apple red KitchenAid, but I can't promise that at all...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Space Cadet

I got the Wicked Princess 'Space Cadet' kit to play with this month....and all I can say is...


This is a very very cool kit...lots of very cool vintagey BOY type findings and embellishments. So much to play with! The colours are awesome too. Very very easy to work with.

I got my kit yesterday, and have already done two LOs, and have enough product left to complete another two with a few bonus cards thrown in!
See...I decided to do a collagey type LO to show off some of the cool 'bits' in this kit. I loved the maths flash card. So so cute! Heh, and you KNOW I was going to do a LO about my newest baby ;)

Its a story worth scrapping and keeping! I figure that this red bad boy will be handed down to my kids, and the story will be interesting to them :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We are back home following Mick's gall bladder op, and all went well. Apparently the surgeon removed lots of 'gravel' from his bile duct and it appears that his gall bladder has been blocked for a looooong time.

I arrived home to discover a parcel waiting for me at the post office.
I went to pick it up thinking it may have been the rest of my christmas shopping, I carried it home wondering why it was so big and so heavy....
I opened it to discover this...

I am in love.
Its so pretty
and shiny
and red!
Red in the kitchen makes me happy :)

There was no card. There was no note. I definitely didn't buy it for myself (although my first thought was that in one of KitchenAide stalking , perving , drooling browsing sessions I had accidentally purchased one! LOL)
My husband knew nothing about it.
My mother knew nothing about it....and that was when I knew I needed to investigate! if the mum doesn't know, then it is indeed a mystery!
I rang the company, and they told me who purchased it and I was gobsmacked!
My sister and I were mucking around on facebook the other teasing her by announcing to the world she was buying me one for Christmas.
One of my friends Claire saw the conversation, and, well....

I really don't know what to say! What an amazing gift!
I am off to bake cupcakes....despite me insisiting that both the KitchenAide mixer and I are far too pretty to work, the kids insist on seeing whether cupcakes mixed by this piece of gorgeousness are indeed tastier.
I bet they are!!!!