Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Wading Pool is up...

So does this make it officially summer?

The rats were begging for a dip at 7am this morning...we managed to fob them off until 8.30... I can't even begin to comprehend the difference in this little guy from last year! He was seriously terrified of the water! Guess the $12738719827398217398719 we have spent on swimming lessons this summer is paying off!

Don't you just love the goggle marks after some serious swimming!?

I think these girls make goggle marks look GOOD!

Have a great Sunday! I am off to my room to scrap :-D


:) Tiff said...

oh lovely lovey shots there Kirst. catches lots of emotions.

Julie said...

Great pics there. Thanks for popping by my blog and your comment. I definitely have more than 36 stamps.