Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday's Scrapping :)

I FINALLY started my Christmas gift tags (hehehe...its not technically last minute!)
My Mistletoe Slice cartridge came with the new speed upgrade..WOW so much faster! An entry for Aussie Pub Calls Roadmaps...done before I read they were closing LOL
And my LO for Scrap the Girls...
I had to do a close up shot...that hand beading around the circles took me FOREVER. So please, admire ;) LOL

And a see through cutty-out bit!

And here 'tis...

Not sharing the criteria, you will have to pop on over to Scrap the Girls tomorrow to see what that is!
Thanks for stopping by..have a fabulous week!


Tara said...

Cute tags! Do you love your Slice? My DH bought me a Cricut last Christmas... I use it more than I thought I would for sure!

Kerryn said...

Oh WOW,your STG layout is amazing!!

Krissy Christie said...

OMG love your STG Lo!!That cutty out bit is fandabbydosey!The beading is fabulouso chickie :)

Love the tags too!

Krissy xx

Wendy Smith said...

just beautiful work there, gorgeous as always

Chloe said...

Busy lady!!! Great LOs and how totally adorable are those tags! I have the Falala Slice cartridge. Cannot wait to get my hands on one of the newer cards... though I STILL haven't received my calibration card. GRRR!

Looks like the kiddos are loving the wading pool! Not quite hot enough here yet, but I am so not complaining!!! I love my cold weather!

Keep up the beautiful work!