Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Faves!

Oh man... you know what my faves are going to be this week!!!!

#1 getting a Toffee apple red KitchenAid in the mail! #2 Discovering that the toffee apple red KitchenAid was really and truly all for meeeeeee :-D
#3 Playign with my toffee apple red KitchenAid. It just feels nice ;P

#4 Cooking cupcakes with my toffee apple red KitchenAid mixer!

#5 Walking into my kitchen and admiring my toffee apple red KitchenAid mixer several times a day :)

I'd like to say that you have heard the last of the toffee apple red KitchenAid, but I can't promise that at all...


Sharon said...

mixer? what mixer? :-)

I want shoes in that colour....and a car...actually anything in that colour would be fun!

Glad its actually being USED! I thought for awhile it was going to sit there and just be admired, where the kids and Mick weren't allowed to touch it, or even get close enough to breath on it!

Emma said...

lol thats hilarious kirsty! loving your friday favs this week :)

Lauren said...

Why am I not surprised! LOL

:) Tiff said...

I can just imagine you slipping it into bed with you.

Ruth said...

One Ord: JEALOUS!!

Melissa said...

i am so jealous...i decorated my kitchen in lime and blue to go with a huge canvas painting and I WANT one of those in LIME just for looks...did u get yours for a bargain????