Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday faves!

Ahhh Friday...once I survive the working day, how I love thee!

#1 fave this week is christmassey AND scrappy! Love the Making Memories Mistletoe range! Love that its kind of traditional but kind of funky! Love the bird/polka dot paper! #2 I surprised myself this week with how much I actually enjoyed painting! I loved creating something for my family to enjoy...they tend to pretty much just ignore my scrappy creations LOL.
A local artist Sue Lederhose has a show at the local art gallery at the moment called 'Yellow Days', and she called it this because yellow is her happy colour, and days when she gets time to paint are happy days. I like that :)
#3 am looooving raspberry jam. No chnuky icky fruit bits...not too sweet, just yummy:)

#4 When I last visited my sister Clare she gave me some of the coolest Tupperware EVER! It has a flexible expanding lid, so if you overfill the container, the lid can bend around it still sealing it! So clever, and SO useful. Please tell me I am not alone in being hideously incapable of estimating what size a container my leftovers are going to fit in!?!?!?

#5 this week is horribly practical. Having private health insurance.

*sigh* after having to wait until my pancreas/liver/guts practically exploded before having my gallstones out whilst waiting in the public system a few years ago, (and then having out of pocket costs of about $5000) we bit the bullet and paid for private health insurance.
Mick went to see the surgeon on Wednesday, and is booked in for surgery next week.
As soon as we said we had private health insurance all these doors magically opened.
So if I am a little absent next week I am tending to a VERY uncooperative post - operative (ahahahahaha!!!) patient. he offered to catch the bus to get his surgery *sigh* I just told him it was surprisingly apt that he was going to be checking into the martyr Mater hospital.
Wish me luck!


danndel said...

Just letting you know that your are most definitely not the only person who under estimates what size left overs container she needs, I love my flexible Tupperware!!

Will be thinking of Michael next hope it all goes well, I'm sure it well xx

:) Tiff said...

always look forward to your quirky Friday Faves. best of luck to Mick!!!

Georgia Keays said...

i saw that mistletoe range today and i just know i am going to buy some, even though i have a MOUNTAIN of unused christmas paper!
good luck for the surgery, there is nothing worse than a sick man....

Felicity said...

I love that MM range and also Raspberry Jam.
hope everything goes good with the op.
:) x

foxylady said...

Love your favs as usual..a very "arty" 5 favs this week..naturally as you are way talented..

Sharon said...

bit of GHD (? have I the name right?!) love happening with your hair in the photos - love them! you must be pleased.

Luck to Mick - and don't they make godawful patients?! :-) Lots of Nicholas Cage dvd's might keep him happy - well that's what works here!