Sunday, November 8, 2009

What kids do when their mother is mean and won't make new play-doh.

They steal all the blue tac off of the walls from behind their posters....
And make critters! They actually found a half used packet of Blue Tac with a competition on it. The competition required them to make sculptures of characters from Ice Age 3 from Blue tac. So they stole the rest of the packet back off the walls and went to work!

Sam made the two crazy possums Eddie and Crash....
Natalie made baby Peaches

And Charlotte made Scrat...that crazy thing that chases the nut all over the place in each of the movies...

Woo! A fun day had by all (except the mother who wouldn't make the play-doh in the first place, who now has to wander the house re sticking up posters and time tables charts...)

And I don't know if I mentioned our photo shoot with kellyd (hehehehe)
But here are a few more.....

*sigh* a good looking bunch if I ever saw them ;)
I worry about our life with this one in a few years time...LOL

And my big girl!

Love them Kell! Just gorgeous!

Have a great Sunday...I am off to make play-doh apparently! LOL


Krissy said...

Your peeps are so clever Kirsty!I love those sculptures :D

Love those gorgeous photos!!

Krissy xx

Felicity said...

Gorgeous photos!! Which one to scrap firsy??? haha

love what your kids did when mum said 'no'. lol
:) xx