Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday Faves...on Saturday :)

Heh...sorry 'bout the late posting!!!

#1 this week is Martha I am especially loving the cookie of the day section! Who doesn't love a cookie of the day? A new recipe for yummy bickies every day! #2 Cherries...mmmmm....cherry season! I treated myself a few days ago with a handfull from the shop, I think I got to eat about 4 when everyone else discovered them! LOL

#3 Lamebook...its hilarious!!!

#4 The clean kitchen that I wake up to every morning :) My husband cleans the kitchen every night...does the dishes, wipes down the benches, makes sure the floor is clean...and it is SO nice to not be faced with a bombshell in the morning LOL

#5 is the kitchen cleaner himself...its his birthday today :) Unfortunatelyt he is celebrating by working , out fighting fires. Stupid fire season:(
He is an amazing father...

And an incredible husband. He is my prince charming...all my dreams come true:)

Happy birthday my lovely husband. You make me so happy each and every day!


Krissy Christie said...

Fab Friday faves Kirsty!

Happy birthday to your hubby :D Love that photo of the 2 of you its absolutely gorgeous :)

Krissy xx

P.S send your hubby to train mine on some kitchen cleaning please lol

Felicity said...

Happy birthday to your husband.
Love the photo of your 2 boys.
I am a fan of cherries too!!
have a great weekend.
:) x

Kelly d photography said...

Awww, Kirsty, it brings a tear to my eye hearing/seeing you talk about your husband like that (happy tear). Love is such a wonderful thing.

:) Tiff said...

o man. they broke the mould after him, so others couldnt have a clone. To hear of you speak so lovingly of him is a breath of fresh air. Your home must chock full of love. Happy Birthday to him and you are one lucky chicky. you really are.

danndel said...

Happy Birthday to Mick, hope he gets to spend some of his day with his lovely family xx