Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Faves!!!!

Wooooo! Its Friday people!!!

#1 this week is.... Hahahaha! just jokes! (although it IS my eternal fave...I won't do it to you AGAIN this week LOL)

#1 is cleaning my ears. Ahhhh...gross but soooooo good!
I know I am not meant to do it, but how can something that feels so good be wrong???LOL
Mick apparently doesn't share my love of cleaning my ears...he thinks I am strange when I get that blissed out look on my face.
My brother calls it 'ear-gasms' *heh*

Oh ew...will I never learn my lesson with the whole 'google image' search thing???

I decided to spare you the mouse with the ear on its back *shudder*

#2 Is work related! *gasp* Its has been SO hot and it has been SO nice to go to work and avail myself of their amazing air conditioning!

My other fave is that the lovely temp lady we had there this week did all the business banking this Friday :)

Its usually my job on a Friday, but when this lovely lady comes out to us, she does it for me!

*not the lady in question...some random bank teller off google images;)

#3 Pauls double thick custard...YUMMMMMM

#4 Fresh pineapple. SO good!

#5 My new fave train-wrecky site!
Its hilarious!!!

Seriously...what are people thinking? Do they not own mirrors?
A quick glance at your outfit before you leave the home....its Free!

Argh! My eyes!!!!

And the cars of Walmart!

Funny stuff!
have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Clare said...

Oh i totally have an email of Walmart people at work I will send you! It is hilarious, yet scary - I am sure you will love it!

Krissy Christie said...

PMSL People of walmart cracks me up too Kirsty! I sit here looking going "OMG......What the?...."LOL hilarious!

Its so yucky hot hey!

Ear fetishes run in my family LOL my uncle and brother have a "thing" about ears lol

I always love reading your friday faves :)

Krissy xx