Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Welcome to the world Miss Isobel Mary Piper.
Born 4th January 2013.
Who knew that one person could bring so much joy to a family?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Its all official and stuff!
Our house is now on the market...listed here.
Wanna buy it??

We leave here on Thursday. Ready for all new happenings over at Kingaroy!

Thanks for stopping by!!
(apologies for not blog hopping as much as usual...things are just CUH-RAZY! I so appreciate the support you guys have been giving me!)

Hunt and Gather Share :)

Admittedly, when I first opened my Hunt and Gather collection, I got a little scared.Its outdoorsy!
I am SO not outdoorsy.
Then I started to use it. And, once again I fell head over heels in love with a Kaisercraft collection *sigh*
I really am SO lucky to be on their team.
I would never be able to keep up with my Kaisercraft addiction otherwise!!!

I love the blues and greens and browns...

And I LOVE the corrugated tags that come with the collection!

I just love everything about this collection! Even the bugs are cute!
I just love how the collection can be made into a fun, outdoorsy project, or a really soft *pretty* project....

Like this one with my dad and my gorgeous nephew :)

He really is SO loved.

(and a close up indulging my love affair with buttons, just 'cause)

Thanks SO much for stopping by :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Never Thought...

I would be sad to leave Mundubbera.
But I kind of am.
I realized the other night that the kids have spent their whole lives here. Their lives, their friends, everything they know is here.
And they have some great friends.

I am also sad to be leaving our house.
All the blood sweat and tears that we (mostly Mick) have put into making this a nice place to be. To making our first house, a real home.

Its being listed as* For Sale* this week.
Which is definitely bittersweet.
I'm just going to give a quick tour of my fave rooms...if you feel moved to buy a 6 bedroom house on the main street of Mundubbera, I won't knock you back ;)

I love my lounge room. Truth be told, that arch, is the reason I bought the house. Then I added the light, and I fell in love again.

My kitchen...through another less decorative arch.
I love that Mick painted me a red feature wall. I love the polished timber floors. I love the space.
I love the play room.
I love that the kids can play here for hours. Leave a huge mess, and it doesn't worry me a bit, because its THEIR room.
And most of all....my enormous craft room.
Its half packed away now.
No crafting from me for a wee while whilst I wrap my head around a move, changing schools and working full time.
Thanks so much for stopping by :)

PS wanna buy a house???

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So Proud :)

My kids (naturally...the *thing* I am most proud of for forever!)All dressed in purple for *purple day* at school. A day to raise awareness and funds for Epilepsy Awareness.
And later that night, at the Primary School's Musical Gala Evening.
Natalie played the xylophone and her class sang an African song.
Charlotte's class screened a world premier of their silent movie (so cute and funny!)
And Sam's class sang the Goldilocks Rap.
My favourite part of these evenings is glancing over at Mick and seeing the pride on his face when our kids perform...usually accompanied by a goofy grin.
I fall in love all over again.

And my Charlotte spent money in a way that makes this mummy's heart happy.
Frivolous shoes ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Miss Nelly :)

I love this Kaisercraft range :)
The bright cheery colours were perfect for scrapping my gorgeous Charlotte. You know when a range of papers just seem to SCREAM a particular person or event? This range SCREAMED Charlotte :)
I just loved the roses, the red/pink/blue and green combo, the stickers...EVERYTHING!
See...I told you this range was Charlotte all over!
A LO about the kids desire to STILL take cupcakes to school on their birthdays LOL
I guess they won't be too old for a few years yet...surely highschool will put an end to the baking??
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Like Copics???

I'm selling my little collection!
After buying them, and playing...I decided that they were FUN, but that my real love was with paper and scrapping. I am not really a card maker :-/
Check it out here