Sunday, August 21, 2011

So Proud :)

My kids (naturally...the *thing* I am most proud of for forever!)All dressed in purple for *purple day* at school. A day to raise awareness and funds for Epilepsy Awareness.
And later that night, at the Primary School's Musical Gala Evening.
Natalie played the xylophone and her class sang an African song.
Charlotte's class screened a world premier of their silent movie (so cute and funny!)
And Sam's class sang the Goldilocks Rap.
My favourite part of these evenings is glancing over at Mick and seeing the pride on his face when our kids perform...usually accompanied by a goofy grin.
I fall in love all over again.

And my Charlotte spent money in a way that makes this mummy's heart happy.
Frivolous shoes ;)
Thanks for stopping by!


hilde janbroers said...

great photos!! and adorable kids!

Anonymous said...

Aww proud mummy ;)
Guess what we are FINALLY ready to show off our whispers, do you remember the ones we did like some time last year ?? yup that page LOL so go on over to my blog to find out what you have to do

Anonymous said...

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Felicity said...

oooh.. purple... Can come to that school!! haha
Oh you kids are cute.. You and Mick should be proud parents.

Kate said...

the kids look great in purple!! love those sparkly shoes too!!