Monday, August 22, 2011

Never Thought...

I would be sad to leave Mundubbera.
But I kind of am.
I realized the other night that the kids have spent their whole lives here. Their lives, their friends, everything they know is here.
And they have some great friends.

I am also sad to be leaving our house.
All the blood sweat and tears that we (mostly Mick) have put into making this a nice place to be. To making our first house, a real home.

Its being listed as* For Sale* this week.
Which is definitely bittersweet.
I'm just going to give a quick tour of my fave rooms...if you feel moved to buy a 6 bedroom house on the main street of Mundubbera, I won't knock you back ;)

I love my lounge room. Truth be told, that arch, is the reason I bought the house. Then I added the light, and I fell in love again.

My kitchen...through another less decorative arch.
I love that Mick painted me a red feature wall. I love the polished timber floors. I love the space.
I love the play room.
I love that the kids can play here for hours. Leave a huge mess, and it doesn't worry me a bit, because its THEIR room.
And most of enormous craft room.
Its half packed away now.
No crafting from me for a wee while whilst I wrap my head around a move, changing schools and working full time.
Thanks so much for stopping by :)

PS wanna buy a house???


Felicity said...

:( so sad to see you leave that town.. did you know my SIL & BIL live near you, half way between Eidsvoidl and Monto - close enough uh, haha
where you off to??

Lauren said...

I'm sad that you're leaving too! but don't worry, I am going to stalk you at your new place too! Bahahaha!! What an amazing adventure for you guys. And I'm happy to see YOU happy!

All the best for the big move. xx

Kate said...

i bet it feels really strange to leave your home kirst, so many memories to take with you though :) xox

Jasmine S said...

Your house looks gorgeous. Good Luck selling.
It is hard to leave (we just did the same last year and it too was where the kids had grown up for 9 years).
But we are happy still in a new house so you too will just need to make another house a home.
Good Luck.

sharon said...

did I miss something?! moving?! where to?!

I would hate to move from here...the amount of crap I have gathered over the years...I know how you feel though, your first family home...but your new place will be just as home, and you will create new memories!

(now striking mundubbera off my places to visit list!)

Kerryn said...

All the best with the move. I can imagine it must be hard leaving this place. But you can start a new adventure and memories in your new home.
Fingers crossed for a quick sale :).
You'll have to make sure you let me know where you move to as well ;), so I can still surprise you with little bits of randomness.

Kim said...

Wow just popped over from Julie Winks blog....around 20 years ago my hubby and I did some fruit picking up that way (before children)...I thought your house looked familiar...good luck with selling and happy moving!

Ellen, Billly, Sally and Bert said...

You are taking the light aren't you????