Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We are back home following Mick's gall bladder op, and all went well. Apparently the surgeon removed lots of 'gravel' from his bile duct and it appears that his gall bladder has been blocked for a looooong time.

I arrived home to discover a parcel waiting for me at the post office.
I went to pick it up thinking it may have been the rest of my christmas shopping, I carried it home wondering why it was so big and so heavy....
I opened it to discover this...

I am in love.
Its so pretty
and shiny
and red!
Red in the kitchen makes me happy :)

There was no card. There was no note. I definitely didn't buy it for myself (although my first thought was that in one of KitchenAide stalking , perving , drooling browsing sessions I had accidentally purchased one! LOL)
My husband knew nothing about it.
My mother knew nothing about it....and that was when I knew I needed to investigate! if the mum doesn't know, then it is indeed a mystery!
I rang the company, and they told me who purchased it and I was gobsmacked!
My sister and I were mucking around on facebook the other night...me teasing her by announcing to the world she was buying me one for Christmas.
One of my friends Claire saw the conversation, and, well....

I really don't know what to say! What an amazing gift!
I am off to bake cupcakes....despite me insisiting that both the KitchenAide mixer and I are far too pretty to work, the kids insist on seeing whether cupcakes mixed by this piece of gorgeousness are indeed tastier.
I bet they are!!!!


danndel said...

I reckon the cupcakes would taste way better!!! When we were buying our mixer I stupidly chose a cheaper brand, I am regretting now!!

Kerryn said...

ooooooo so JEALOUS! I have been eyeing off one of those for ages. I bet the cupcakes taste sensational using the mixer ;).
Lucky girl :).

Gina said...

OMG you lucky girl!
I had lots of fun with my gall bladder/stones last year ...not! so happy to be rid of it now lol Gx

Felicity said...

OH MY!!! that is awesome. I want one too. :) and I love red :)
How the cupcakes taste? lots better I bet.
:) xx

:) Tiff said...

claire must be one very amazing friend. what a truely special, thoughtful and selfless gift.

and yes I'm damn jealous too.