Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We are back...

With HEAPS of photos, and fun memories. What an awesome two weeks we have had away. I can only hope that you guys have all had as much fun as we have had...perhaps with a little less Christmas cheer...I am starting that new diet TOMORROW!!!

Our trip began with a stop off at Micks family's...so cool. We celebrated Christmas a little early, we got to see our niece/cousin Brianna open her gift and the kids got to throw paper all around the Piper family lounge room:-)

The girls got a HUGE Barbie House...which they will love, when they manage to get it home.It was a whole 'nother kettle of fish doing christmas in a sedan rather than the old faithful station wagon. That thing was seriously bottomless. So family...you MUST now come visit us, and deliver all the gifts we have left strewn across the country side LOL And Sammy got a slot car set. Mick cried when I told him it had to be left there....
We then continued our trip down to my family....and spent LOADS of time swimming in Kim and Bethy's gorgeous new pool, and mum and dads spa (just installed days before we arrived...) Mick and the girls also had daily trips to the beach. Natalie may have started to sprout gills. She LOVED the water.
The rougher and colder, the more Xtreme she told us it was.

And we got to catch up with ALL of my brothers and sisters and their partners. SUCH good times. I love these guys, and feel SO happy when we are all together. Not as long to wait between visits this time round...Clare's wedding in March will be a great excuse to party!
yes, thats me on the end...the oldest and the shortest. Dammit!

Whilst away in the midst of all the chaos, I turned another year older, but had the BEST birthday EVER! I spent it with my family. All of them, and I couldn't have planned a better day. It was great:-) We (mum Adele and I - Mick would NOT be lured even with pop corn and choc tops) even took time to see the Twilight movie...sure it was cheesy, and we were the oldest in the theatre by possibly 20 years...but it was fun!
Then came the coolest gift of all...Mick and I went away for the night together. Bliss. Heaven. Amazing. This was our first night alone in 6 years....and we now want more of them LOL

But alas, all good things must come to an end. We are home.
I am looking forward to the new year (kinda...LOL) and have heaps to catch up on before I start back at work on Thursday!!
Thanks so very much for stopping by...I look forward to slowly getting around to visit everyone and saying hi!!!


Paige said...

Sounds wonderful! Can I be in your family? I'd fit right in. You wouldn't even know I'm there...until you tried to pack the van. : )

Jacki said...

me too, I am short and I neeeeeed a sister or three!! So glad to see you are back I missed my daily blog fix!

Kerryn said...

Glad to hear you are all back safe and sound (minus the pressies LOL) and that you have had a fab time!

Belated happy birthday and how cool to have a night away. It is nice to get that special hubby time :).

Look forward to seeing some more gorgeous scrappy projects once you get back in the swing of things.

Lauren said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had an awesome time.

Happy belated birthday too! Glad you got to have some kid free time.

I bet coming back to Mundubbera was a big let down!

jacqui jones said...

welcome back
happy birthday

glad u guys had fun...:)

i saw twiligh yesterday heh...i did check i wasnt the oldest in the theatre thankfully i wasnt, but im sure i was the only person there not on a date!!!
was a bit disappointed in the movie...my edward is way better looking lol

Chloe said...

Welcome home... has been really strange visiting your blog and it's not being updated twice daily!!! So glad to have you back!!!

Great to hear you had a great time away! Must have been wonderful to catch up with all your family!

Happy belated birthday... hope you had a great day! Our birthdays must be really close together cos I've just had mine also!!!