Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday Faves!

Oops, I was going to get back to these last night, but #1 fave is the reason why!

#1. Storms! I love them! I used to hate them and be terrified, until my Aunty Sue taught me to listen for mummy and daddy thunders when I was about 8. Ever since then, I have loved them! I love watching them, and the rain that they bring...I even love that we often lose power... Like last night. We lost power from 7.30, until much later (I have no clue when it came back on, I was fast asleep...although all the lights went on and the TV was blaring cause we went to bed leaving everything as it was when the power went out LOL)

#2 Having followers! I LOVE when I log in here and I have another follower!!! You guys ROCK!

#3....I know, you are probably sick of hearing about my family, but this one is my family AND something else..LOL
Out of this pic, there are 7 of us on....

The Celebrity Slim bandwagon!

So good having all these hungry cheerleaders on the end of the phone to support you and agree that they are also hungry and missing carbs:-)
We even started our own little starving family blog so we can log in and encourage each other or ask for help:-)

#4 My new slippers. Yep, its too hot, but I love them. How cute are they??? Thanks mumsy!

#5 my happy place (clearly it was ransacked over night, because there is NO WAY I would have created or left such a hideous mess)
My scrapping room.

Okay. Today may involve a little bit of tidying up. Cause I am positive that there is a desk in there somewhere...and perhaps a floor....
Have a great weekend! Aussies, enjoy your Australia day long weekend! We are batching it here as Mick has to work away - he assures me that he hasn't got a girlfriend..that this really is work. I am choosing to believe him;-)


Me said...

There is nothing I love more than a good storm. Especially rain, thunder and lightening! I could sit for hours and do nothing but watch and listen!

P.S. Love the slippers! They are sooper dooper cute!

Theresa said...

Hi Kirsty
I have had to quit the CS program due to the cost of it but I am continuing on my weightloss journey. I am following a diabetic eating and exercise plan and it is working for me and it is much cheaper. I shed 2.6 kilos this week. I will continue to follow your blog even though I am no longer on the CS program because I love looking at your scrapbooking projects. You are very talented. Good luck with the CS program.

Dena said...

There she is!! Sorry you lost power, ugh that is always awful and Zoe freaks out EVERY SINGLE time. I can see that you are loving your camera girl, because your pics have just been stellar lately!
And I am now a follwer ;)

Marisa said...

Hey there gorgeous lady...I love a good storm but not when the power goes out: no computer, no scrapping, not much fun. Hey I love your new slippers, they look cool.
LOL about you scrapping desk, a true sign of an artist workplace is when there is stuff everywhere....Keep up the great work, love all your creations. xoxox

Kerryn said...

Why wouldn't people follow your blog! It is always and enjoyable read and fabulously inspiring with all your crafty projects!

Love your scrap area BTW. Don't you hate it when those crazy people come through and ransack the area LOL!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh, I miss storms. I love thunder and lightning but we never get them where we currently live. Actually, I do believe we had one storm recently...freaked my boys out because they didn't know what it was. :)