Monday, January 12, 2009

Has this woman got nothing better to do???

3 posts in one day???? And its only lunch time?!?!?

Why no...actually, I don't LOL

I completed my LO for the comp Marisa has running over at D2U. Thats right...its EARLY! And some closey up bits...

I don't know which is more chaotic...the LO or the actual Christmas photos LOL

And what were my poor neglected children doing whilst i have been scrapping and blogging I hear you ask????
Well, Daddy managed to bring home the Barbie house that they received for Christmas. And once that was moved in, he decided to clean out the playroom (duh, its school holidays!!!) and of course, the kids have discovered all new toys - that previously had been the detritus down the bottom.

So, since 6am, the girls have been playing without fighting!

And next doors little boy is here playing boy type games with Sam

So I am scrapping and blogging:-) Good times!


kel said...

I love that page!! Awesome!!

Kerryn said...

LOL I bet they thought it was like christmas all over again when they found all the toys! How nice when they play like that though.

Love the layout too :)