Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yesterday's Scrapping Class :-)

Here is my creation from yesterdays Scrapping class in Gayndah with Stacey!
I arrived, and had stupidly forgot just one small thing...THE PHOTOS!!!!!!


So there really wasn't a lot I could do once I covered the album with the PP. I kinda just sat and enjoyed being in the company of lovely ladies! My friend Kirsty came with me, and she had remembered her photos, so I kinda chatted and cut out a few bits and pieces.

How's that! Never in my life had I met another, in this teeny tiny town there are 5 of us! there is even another Kirsty Louise! Can you believe it????
Ooooh love those metal flowers in the piccie above! I want more...but alas, that was the last packet!

So there we have it! My scrapping adventure for Saturday! Now its Sunday and my stupid Uni stuff is calling my name...unless I think of a million other things that need doing *heh*

Ooooh and Mick said we may be able to get a new camera! The one he dropped is really misbehaving. Grrrrrr. It randomly focuses itself, and then refuses to take selected photos. Very frustrating when you are trying to photograph kids who like to constantly move!!!

Well, my lovelies, we have a few suggestions for house colours...keep them coming. I am very easily swayed at this point in time!

Love you all, thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

jacqui jones said...

ooer love those metal flowers
i want some

the whole project is cool
hey i often create without photos
and it wouldnt be the first time i have forgotten them too hehe