Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Photo Swap!

Look who stopped by to do my vaccuming! Wowsers, not every day that Super Girl deigns to do housework! Lucky me!!!

(heh this is part of my mean mummy campaign. I have a list of jobs - like dust the skirting boards, vaccum, do the dishes etc etc - on my white board. Anyone complains of being bored and WHAM they have a job! Not sure why the costume though....) Challenge 5 for Scrappers Got Talent. This weeks was to interpret an advertisement. Not at all happy with it, once again the idea in my head doesn't match what happened on paper LOL this looked MUCH cooler in my head...
A HUGE congrats to Dan and Jacqui Jones! Such good news that you guys are able to be at home together again! I know there is still so much ahead, but it must be SO nice to be at home again with your babies! I am sure everyone still has you in their prayers, I know I do!

Have a great holiday my lovely friends Jacqui and Tully! Congrats to you on your wedding too, can't wait to see some photos!

Hey daddy, hope your first week on the job is all you wanted...have they issued you with a tambourine yet??? (Hah! I am HILARIOUS!!!! My dad just got a new job managing the local Salvation Army store..lots of tambourine jokes flying round the family at the moment) Did mum convince you to get another bottle of Moet to celebrate the new job, she's a wily one!

And todays public service announcement...

Want to take part in a photo swap challenge? Come on over to Addicted2Scrapping and join in our new photo swap comp!

I've never been part of one, so this should be good!!
Take care!!!Thanks for stopping by!

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jacqui jones said...

oh i like the page...very nice
the title speaks to me too

thanks for the prayers .. :) its just so nice to be home with my girls!