Monday, August 11, 2008

Had a lovely day...

Just hanging out with my hubby! He really is SUCH a great friend. We have fun together, and it was SO nice to be together and away from the house.
Well, after the dropped camera fiasco, we decided that we really should get a new camera. So today we were going to zip over to Bundy grab the one I wanted (Nikon D60) and rush back home, all while the girls were at school.

I was showering and started to have my doubts regarding my ability to 'duck' to Bundy without visiting a shop or i made the decision to arrange a babysitter to pick the girls up! Woohoo! No time constraints! Thank goodness, cause everywhere in Bundy had SOLD OUT of my chosen camera *sniff*. I was sure I would come home, victoriously cradling my new baby...but it was not to be. I now have to wait TWO WEEKS - at least!!!!Two weeks! I was two weeks overdue with Sam, and I am sure this will be WORSE! Well, maybe not quite...

I now have three on order at three different stores... I WILL get my camera! Its not every day that your husband agrees to buying you something you have lusted after for so long!

And a quick share...this for the Scrapawhile comp. Whew...this is the last week! I cannot believe it is all done! Seems like only last week it began. There are so many talented ladies over there, and I have had so much fun joining in the comp.

I also love reading about their retreat...held at camp Elim!!! Recognize this name Tysons??? Good times!

I don't know about this one..I spend a fortune every year on the kids school photos, and then find them impossible to scrap! Ah well, it can go straight into their school album!

And my long awaited DT pack for Addicted2Scrapping arrived while I was gone! here is a little sneaky peek! Such goodness...and all for ME!

Oooooh exciting day tomorrow. I babysit, which pretty much rules out anything remotely useful, so Tuesday is FUN day! I am using my FUN day to go out to Monogorilby to visit my new friend and fellow DT member Lauren! SO excited! She is an amazing scrapper, and I am so looking forward to meeting her in real life.

Well guys, love you! Thanks for stopping by!


Lauren said...

Oh shucks! Can't wait to meet you either! Bring on Tuesday...

jacqui jones said...

i like the page
but yep school photos r hard to scrap something about the colours i think