Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday faves....

Oh man...I can't believe its friday again!!!! I sat down, and had no clue what my faves were going to be this week, and as I concentrated (yes, it did hurt!) I had so many come to me! I had to keep getting up to take pics! Thank goodness I am doing this list, or some weeks I may forget to look for the cool things in life!

Fave#1 is could I not mention THE KIT!?!?!? Ahhh there are so many faves in there I can't even begin to list them...Thickers, MM noteworthy, prima, felt YUM! Fave #2 is also scrappy...sorry guys! Its my new Threading Water punch. It only arrived today and is still in its packet. Mmmmmm, gonna have me a fun play this weekend!
Fave#3 is a whole differnt thing...and possibly quite sad and boring (although not quite as sad and boring as my kitty litter fetish from a few weeks back LOL) This Vanilla bench spray is great! I clean the benches and people think I have been baking!
#4 *heh* I may sneak this in for the next few Fridays....
Fave family! Now I don't have photos of them all, so I shall leave you with a few from the Bridesmaid shopping adventure!
Clare...yes, she does this in MOST photos. Trying to get a good photo of this gorgeous girl is nigh on impossible!
And my mummy with the girlies!
The only way this trip could have been better is if everyone could have been there. Dad, Dan, Del, Kimmy and Bethy (Shane was there, but not commited to the shopping LOL)

Ahhhh, I miss you guys SO much!

Love ya, thanks for stopping by! (link me up to your faves! I see my mumsy has done hers!


Lauren said...

We so need to get together to scrap to share resources!! Hehe! Loving that vanilla spray too - great for hiding whatever is stinkin in the fridge!

Joy said...

ha ha...that Studio Calico is waaay dangerous. Totally worth the shipping! :D

lily40au said...

Good luck with SYTYCS. I can't wait to see what you create.


Wendy Smith said...

this is going to be great going up against you in the SYTYCS... lov with threading water

pink4u said...

Love all the goodies in your kit!..

Vanilla spray? I need to check that out..sounds really cool...and you clean with that?

~~~~~~Love your camera~~~~~~~
I would put that on your favs. every week!! :)

Your kids are so adorable!!
Have a great week!!!