Friday, August 1, 2008

Five Fab Faves for Friday!!!

Woohooo! TGIF!

My fave spot this week has been our back steps, in the warm winter sun with my cup of English Breakfast tea....the weather has been glorious this week, and Sam and I have made the most of it and spent most of it outside. He plays. I sit, and sip, and daydream! Fave number computer! Some days it feels as if all my friends are here!
Mmmmm Fave three is grilled ham and cheese for lunch...not friendly for the waistline AT ALL, but so so yummy! It warms you up, and is so quick and easy to make! Love it this week!
Fave number4...Mick is on holidays in two weeks, for a whole month! WOOT! (first we have to survive a weekend without him though....need your help here people! LOL) Apparently he will be painting the outside of our house.
Fave number5....Sassafrasslass...I think I could list them every week and never run out of glorious things to say. How yummy are their Patterned Papers?!?! I just LOVE everything about their stuff atm!

Well, thats my 5 for this week...a bit of an improvement on last weeks lame attempt! If you do your five, link me up, I'd love to see!!!!
Thanks for stopping by...enjoy your weekend...think of me and the kids here on our own!


AJ said...

When do I get to be one of your Friday faves????

Lauren said...

Love the Friday faves this week - especially the grilled ham and cheese! Yummo. You know you could always come visit me on the weekend your hubby is away!

Dena said...

I totally agree with the Sassafras Lass definitely one of my five faves!
and I am sooo having a grilled ham and cheese for lunch now cause that looks soooo darn good girl! YUMMMO!
ohhh and I love your coffee mug too! I don't think I have used mine on a five faves list yet. good idea :)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend Kirsty and take a peek at my list cause I have you on my LO ;)