Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yeah, not quite uni work....

But I am pleased to say that my toilet is clean and I enjoyed my nanna nap!!! LOL

I made this quick card for my brother and SIL who jet off for Europe soon. I think they will be over there for 12 weeks! And yep, its my head again...I dunno about scrapping myself, but I here I am. I must say though that black and white photography is very kind!

Well, I am halfway an essay *cough* OK...scrapping I had best be off! I think we have chosen our new camera baby...and are planning a quick Bundy junket tomorrow while the girls are at fast can I shop!?!?!?
Oh, and I seem to have made it to 154 posts! WOW! Shall be back next week with a scrappy RAK I think!
Love ya, thanks for stopping by!


Phrog said...

Tigey Wigey is such a pig, i`ve fed him like 8 steaks in a row and he still wants more.

jacqui jones said...

page looks great.. :)
oooer what camera r u getting