Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hmmm need storage???

Ooooooh! Check out this cool storage thingy for scrapping supplies. (main page for that blog here)
I am so lucky having a whole room for my crafty supplies....but GEEZ, I have NO storage...unless you count the floor...or the door - come - desk LOL

Mick gave Nat a little reading light that clips to her book so she can read in bed at night...I managed to snap a pic. Her book of choice at the moment? The bible. Couldn't you just eat her she is so cute?!? My hubby is due home any minute now! Thank you God...I am going a leeeetle crazy here without any adult back up! I so don't know how single parents do this day after day. I am ruined after one weekend! mick is going to be working away for two months later on this year...How will I get through that?

I don't sleep when he is away. I am so tired and my head feels like its is going to explode. I dunno, he makes me feel safe, and who can sleep when they aren't safe???

I have nearly done 150 posts since starting this thing! I am planning a scrappy RAK for #150, which should be sometime next week! Keep checking back!

So guys, hope you enjoy the little bit left of this glorious Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jacki said...

wow that is totally gorgeous! You are so clever, I am determined not to start scrapping because I do not need another craft addiction, but you make it so, so hard!

PS thanks for commenting on my blog, you made my day. :)