Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Faves!

Yikes another week closer to Christmas (shhh...I am in DEEP denial LOL)

#1 I found this website somehow, and have fallen in love with their gorgeous gorgeous dolls. I am hoping that Santa will bring me a custom doll for Christmas...but with $155US price tag, I think I am better off waiting for my lotto win...
I mean seriously...could these BE any cuter??? Look at their little faces...and their hair!!!!
#2 Eclipse mints. I have a 'thing' for bad smells ie I don't like them. On me or anyone around me. Whilst I can manage to keep my own stinks under control, I find it a tad awkward to mention to people in passing that they stink LOL
So I am tackling my 'smell thing' from another angle...I suck on these

And the minty freshness disguises everyone else's stink and convinces me that the world is sweet smelling and wonderful;)
#3 getting an email from my sis letting me know that its is official! her name is listed on the QLD Law Society website!!! She is a really truly solicitor!

Man! Gorgeous AND smart! If she weren't so lovely I would hate her LOL
#4 My new couch.

Its like sitting on a cloud...
I think it makes the kids top 5 this week too LOL
#5 Receiving flowers from my boyfriend husband for no particular reason at all :)
I was floored when these arrived during the week. The card just said "to Kirst, I love you from Mick"
He bought them to say 'thanks' for keeping the homefires burning the past few weeks while he has been absent *sniff* he is a keeper;)
Have a great weekend all! I am off to check out the rest of my family's faves now!


georgia said...

love the friday faves as usual kirsty! have a great weekend :-)

Krissy C said...

OMG those dolls are mega cute!Yay for your sister how cool! Lucky you getting that gorgeous bunch of flowers :)

Krissy xx

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great list! Love those dolls...but the pricetag means my kiddos couldn't actually play with them.

So sweet about the flowers...what a nice hubby!