Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday faves!

Wow...another Friday had been and gone...I cannot believe how FAST this year has gone!
#1 fave this week is my new memory foam pillow. When I was at home visiting my mum and dad I used my sisters gorgeous latex pillow for the occasional nana nap. This led me to realise that i reeeeally needed a new pillow
So I got myself one...and although its not quite as heavenly as my sister's latex pillow, its pretty darn comfy! #2 made me laugh out loud several have got to go check out wedinator..

Like the whole vampire 'thing' at the moment???why not celebrate your undying love by getting the grim reaper to perform the ceremony!

Mmmm classy dress!


Oh dear....

#3 is True Blood season 2.
mmmmmm Eric....

#4 *sigh* yet ANOTHER facebook game..Cafe World!!! I am also addicted :(
There is truly no hope for me.

#5 is the Chair Latte's my husband has been making me.
Last week while taking the kids to their swimming lesson I stopped to get myself a Chai latte, only to discover that NO ONE in town sells these delicious drinks!
So my husband pulled out the coffee machine and my Chai syrup and whipped me up a yummy drink!

Have a great weekend y'all!

1 comment:

pink4u said...

OMG!!!! Wedinator is so funny!! I went back as far as I could!! What were they all thinking!!!
Your pillow looks so comfy!!
I am so afraid to try those FB games and I am still very addicted to Bubble Shooter.(don't tell)
Take care!!
Joanie :)