Sunday, February 27, 2011

Such a Precious Gift

Mum loved her 'job'.
It feels strange to call it a job, becuase I'm pretty sure she would have done it for free ;) (if only she didn't have to buy shoes and earrings lol)
She ran the children's story time and also the baby bounce sessions at her local library.

The kids loved her, and she loved them.
As a part of her job, she recorded a CD of nursery rhymes and songs for her baby bounce mums to play at home with their bubbies...practicing for the baby bounce sessions.
We had never heard it.
My sister tracked it down however, and my dad secretly burned us each a copy. It arrived last week.

I put it on, and sobbed.

It was my mum's voice.
Singing and interacting exactly as I had heard her do so many times with my own babies.
It was so precious.
So precious.
I could practically see her doing the actions and nibbling on itty bitty baby toes.

I played it for my too - cool - for - Nursery - Rhymes - now kids.

They loved it.
They cried, they laughed, they danced.
So so precious.

All I could think was how wonderful this will be to play to the two babies coming to join our family this year. (one due in 4 weeks, but who's counting?!?!)

Its not like her being her to bounce and sing to these babies, but its something. And mum, I promise to try and sing with these babies for you. I will tell them how Ginny taught these songs to me, and how she sang them for my babies too, and how she would have loved more than anything to sing them for them.

Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to share this special gift with you :)


Kerryn said...

That is a precious gift indeed.

Krissy Christie said...

Oh Kirsty that is so precious {{hugs}}

Krissy xx

Kate said...

wow what a special gift!! its funny how things like these little miracles happen even though our loved ones arent there physically, its like they left it behind on purpose!! xox

sharon said...

just lovely (and your mum carried a tune well too!)

and laughing - bet Mick never thought he'd be out on the www wandering shirtless through the house! ;-)

.olga. said...

How wonderful to have this from her!

Hill St Friend said...

Very special, it's so lovely to hear her voice again, hugs