Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family News...

Just a family update for my own records...feel free to skip over if you are looking for scrappiness ;)

The other night at about 9pm, I just happened to glance at my phone.

There was a text message from my baby bro.

"Dad collapsed at our house about an hour ago, we got the ambulance, me and Amy are both at the hospital, we will let you know as soon as we find out anything, he's awake and doing okay...don't panic. We can't answer any calls cause we're in emergency" Shit.

That was all I could think.

My brain went completely blank.

I couldn't cope.

So, we sat (Mick and I) staring at my phone for the next 4 hours. Waiting for updates.

Kim and Amy were awesome. Kept us updated. Waited with dad. Called the ambulance. I don't think I would have been so awesome. I kind of fall apart at the slightest hint of an emergency at the moment. Not good.

So, after an ECG, CT scan and two lumbar punctures (poor dad :() dad was sent home with more tests booked for next week.

Am I worried? Shit yes. All I can do is pray that he will be okay. He seems in very good spirits. He knows we aren't ready for him to leave us any time soon.

And some GOOD news!

My little sis.

And her husband :)

Are expecting a baby!!!!

(the baby behaves better for the cameras than its norty parents!!)

So cute already!

I am stoked. I am to become an aunty for the first time next month (!?!?!?) to my brother and SIL's little bundle (I'm betting a boy...just quietly)

And then AGAIN in August to this little cutie!


I hope I can live up to the aunty standards that have been set by my beautiful sisters and SILs! I have no practice in this area! I've always been the grumpy-spoil-sport mummy!
And, she had the coolest announcement EVER...

For Christmas, she always buys all of the boys cricket tickets to a one day match in Brisbane.
So dad, got his envelope, smiled knowingly and opened it up.
He shook the card and no tickets fell out.
He opened it up, searching for his tickets.
He of course, completely missed the scan photo stuck inside, and the goofy grin on my sisters face LOL

I am so excited and happy.
My sister will be an amazing mum, after all, she learned from my mum...the absolute best mum ever!!!


jacqui jones said...

Oh kirst, really hoping your dad is ok

Phrog said...

It's a girl, I reckon anyway, Adele is with you though

Ali said...

I loved reading your family news (maybe it is the voyeur in me lol). Congrats on becoming an Aunty x2 - so exciting!! Hope your Dad is ok - thinking of you. xx

Chloe said...

With the bad comes good. I hope your Dad is on the mend real soon. Congrats to your lil sis too! That is so exciting!!! You'll be a great Aunty! Your heart is in the right place. That's all a niece or nephew needs.

Kerryn said...

I hope your Dad is resting and back to full health soon.

Congratulations on the Auntie news!!! Think of all those cuddles you are going to get to have - twice over!!

LOL at the story though. Reminds me of how we told my MIL about baby #2. We gave her a calendar and wrote in May "estimated due date of grandchild #2". Needless to say we had to gently prompt her that she might want to have a good look through the calendar LOL.

:) Tiff said...

holy crap Kirsty. I'm really hoping that your Dad's tests all come back with good news. The worst part is waiting.....

and I can imagine you cuddling and cooing to all the new little additions. And all the photos you'll be taking for the Mum's. You'll be in hot demand.

fingers crossed for your Dad.


Tanya Tahir said...

I am praying for your dad - I hope he is better soon xx

And congrats on the aunty news too, that is very exciting!! You will make a wonderful aunty, I am SURE :)

pink4u said...

I am sending prayers Kristy. I hope your Dad is ok.

Congrats on becoming an Auntie <3 Babies are AWESOME!!

Take care,

Karen Shady said...

OH... My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad... hoping that its nothing serious...

congrats Auntie Kirsty :))) on the baby news

thinking of you darl...

Aga said...

All the best for your dad Kirsty, hope he is ok and feeling better soon! Congrats on the baby news, and do hope you are on the mend too xx