Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Faves:)

Ugh. Sorry about the lack of blog updates but this week has been CRAZY! My work has been purely horrid. Our manager is away for 6 weeks and did the powers to be think it necessary to replace him for the two weeks just gone? Oh they didn't *sigh*
Mick ended up in hospital with gallstones (he is getting a scan next week and hopefully the op will follow not to long after) and has also been out of town fighting a bush fire...he has stopped home once this week for dinner with us, but apart from that its just been flying visits for a change of clothes and a shower. I despise and loathe bushfire season.

And as you can imagine my scrapping and computering have been sadly neglected. I was booked in for a scrapping class today and have had to cancel cause, hubby and I am not entirely sure that the class would appreciate my monkeys climbing over them whilst they were trying to scrap!!

Anyways enough wining! onto the faves!

#1 I treated myself (and the house) to a Glade scented candle burner, and its sooooo nice! I currently have 'Linen Breeze' burning and its lovely!

#2 I watched 'Confessions of a Shopaholic whilst ironing during the week and loved it! I dunno how funny I found it as many of the jokes were a bit close to home *blush* But Isla Fisher is HILARIOUS and oh so cute!

#3 Pumpkin Patch parcels with new clothes for the kids...I got some AWESOME deals for the kids for summer and also some for next winter (jumpers marked down from $49 to $16!?!?) My fave bit...when you shop it actually shows how much you have 'saved' *smile*

#4 Toasted English crumpets with butter. Mmmmmmm

#5 is hearing how excited my mum is about going OS for the first time! She is so golldarn excited and happy and it is so wonderful! After years of putting off holidays and travelling due to children (I am the eldest of 5), finances (again, I am the eldest of FIVE children LOL) and then health (mum had a kidney transplant a few years back but prior to that was on dialysis for years) her and dad are jetting off to New Zealand!

I hope your holiday is a BLAST mum and dad!


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Hope your hubby is doing well...I be thinking of him during your fire season.
That candle sounds like a beautiful scent...

Hope your parents have a great vacation!

Kerryn said...

Hope your parents have a fab time!!!

:) Tiff said...

Hiya Kirst. I wondered where you'd got to. Life can be so maddeningly busy cant it. Far too much sometimes.
I hope it all slows just a bit so you and Mick can draw breath and snatch a little bit of time together.
cheers to you.

Jodi said...

Hope you have a better week this coming week.. and toasted crumpets with butter... YUM!!!! LOL