Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sorry-Grandparent Post:)

The kids and I went to the Mundubbera Pet Show on Saturday. Apparently it was "the best day EVER" (quote from Charlotte on our way home from the pet show)

We had toffee apples

(well, they had toffee apples...me...ummmm no, eeeew!)

And got their faces painted - not Nat though. She is too cool.

(oh man did you see those eyes??)

I figure at these sorts of events you really should just empty your purse at the front gate and be done with it. The kids wanted one of everything, and I was juuuuust weak enough to let them have their way;)

I mean really...look at that puppy with his tongue hanging out? Could you say no?

And after about a 40 minute line up we had a pony ride.

(again, noooo not me...I think I would be above their weight limit LOL)

The man leading the pony's must have had the patience of a saint. He just walked those ponies around the oval all afternoon. And he smiled whilst doing it:)

And to end....

A horses butt.
Cause that's how good blog posts SHOULD end...


foxylady said...

thanks so much for your blog.. Although still waiting for your five favs.....Loved the pictures and u sure don't have to tell me about money and kids. i still remember my Dad telling me about the Manilla show. How I saved my money for ages..and had a huge jar (of 1 and 2 cent pieces) and after it ran out being horrified.."what its ALL gone" (mind you I feel he may have contributed heaps as well)..LOL
Thanks again it was great..and love Nattys little book you did her

Brigitte G. said...

your kids look like they had soo much fun and...loooove their face painting:) good pics for scrap :)

Julie said...

love the pics look like they all had a ball.

:) Tiff said...

those ponies are wooley enough to be sheep.

very cute puppy.

Jillene said...

Your kids are so cute!! I love the face painting!!