Saturday, August 8, 2009

No Brisbane Trip For Us:(

Our trip is off. We decided that with a sick hubby and sick kids it was not sensible to be travelling to visit and attend a party for older people (Micks nana was celebrating her 93rd birthday)

Instead, I get to play with Ness and the girls!!!!!!

Ness always has cool prizes, all the challenges are loaded, so go check it out and get those creative vibes pumping!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I got something for you on my blog ! xo Tina


Oh I am so sorry to hear your families sick and dissapointed but very wise decision it wouldnt have been fun for anyone! Maybe you could go at a later date and have all of Nannas attention. The older you get the more overwhelming BIG occassions can be! The silver lining sounds pretty good...a scrappy playdate! Yea! Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my blog I dont get alot of traffic but your friendly comments always make me smile! Get well soon Kirsty's family!!!