Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just 'cause!

How good does it feel to just dive into your stash, choose whatever you want to use and just play?!?! No criteria, no product good!

I am enjoying using all of my 'old' stuff at the moment. I tend to buy things, then hoard them for forever and a day save them for something special. Six months later, I can't for the life of me think of the 'special' thing I bought them for.

So I am using up my stuff, and its FUN!

I have enjoyed my one day off this week:) I scrapped, and then Sam and I cooked. He wanted to bake a gingerbread 'Kathy' for his daycare mum (Kathy) to give to her tomorrow. I soooo didn't want the hassle of ginger bread people, so we made cupcakes, Kathy's is in the shape of a star :)

The girls enjoyed a little trip to their school's book fair today. Natalie carefully chose a book about cats, Charlotte blew her entire savings on a fancy pen and then lost the rest *sigh* so we are planning on a second assault tomorrow...I loooooove buying books! Kids books, adult books, fiction, non fiction..they're all good;)

So my lovely friends...its off to 'real' work tomorrow...thank GOODNESS! This babysitting lark is EXHAUSTING! Bring on next term I say LOL (I have taken the last term off from babysitting work this year to spend devoted to hanging out with my boy before he goes to prep. I am refusing to feel guilty!)

Happy 'hump day'!


Anonymous said...

Oh Im so hearing you girl !! Dont know what Im saving it for cause every Lo is special lol !! Oh and I have changed blog adress can see you still got my old one sorry for being a bit of a pain lol so the new one is

cheers Tina xo

georgia said...

i just did one of those myself, isn't it fun?? i love the layout, your embellishments on the circles are fab :-)

Melissa said...

i hear you girlie...actually i have been playing with all old stuff lately...just made some big purchases at my LSS here in Caloundra...and I have some on Layby..LOL it felt good to shop and then not have to pay for it quite yet...

Aga said...

I know all too well about hoarding - I mean saving papers for a special page ;)
Love how you've used your stash!!
Aga xx

Kerryn said...

I LOVE using up old stuff. It feels good!
Love what you've done with them! And what a gorgeous birthday princess you have there too! :)

:) Tiff said...

Happy hump day to you too!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Cool layout! I think I'll be scrapping until I'm old and grey just to use up all of my old stash! LOL

Felicity said...

stash, whats that. lol lol lol I have the boggest stash you could imagine saving for those 'special' Lo's lol
I think I better start some just cause Lo's too.
have a good day at 'real' work. :)