Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friday Faves!

Sorry 'bout skipping last week. It was a BAAAAAAAAD week, and I just couldn't do it...

#1 this week is kinda dumb. LOL I loooved this movie! I sat down and watched it on Saturday night and for a mindless violence flick it was kind of neat! #2 loving pawpaw ointment! Fixes up all those winter skin issues...chapped lips, dry cheeks, wind worries! I always joked that half of Sam's weight gain when he was tiny was this stuff! LOL
#3 am LOVING rolfazzi! Such funny pics...

Except when they are mean to my boyfriend Edward...LOL

This last one reeeally cracked me up;)

#4 Mick cleaned out my pantry. I won't tell you how much stuff he threw away because it was out of date, but its nice to be able to see what we tupperware has also increased as some of it was just in the pantry holding one cracker or something ridiculous!!
He must have been proud of his handiwork as I found about 30 pics on my camera...this is one section:)

#5 would have to be 'The Cool People Cafe'...

My kids have coooool imaginations!
Thats mine (and early!) what are yours this week?


danndel said...

YAAAY, so glad your back, we missed you!!!

Love the Cool People Cafe and Mary Poppins cracked me up!!!

foxylady said...

Thanks for coming back..I really missed you..
Love your favs and I only wish I TOO COULD VISIT THE COOL PEOPLE CAFE..
Hope you had a much better week