Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

To these two:) Yes, my mum and my baby girl share a birthday! 8 years ago, I was clever enough to give my mum her first grandchild as a birthday gift. I know, thoughtful...I also bought her a clock that same year...

Look at this pretty little doll I gave birth to. She was no trouble then and is no trouble now. She was a fast first baby - only 3 hours from woe to go, and she never even cried. When she first was born, instead of giving an almighty wail. She blinked, opened her beautiful big eyes and just looked around the room.

It was the first time I had ever seen my husband hold a baby, and I'll admit, I fell in love with him all over again:)

Look at this...our first family photo (I know, holy shiny! I had just had a baby! I didn't stop to powder my nose/forehead/chin LOL) And my husband, well, he looks like a baby himself!

And this was our bedroom at 6am this morning. She was up waaaaaay earlier, but we had said she could wake us up at 6am.
She got a load of books, AAAAAND, a DSlite. (guess which was Dad's fave gift??? He even charged it for himself her so he she could play it straight away)

Sam gave her some $2 tumbling cats...guess which was her fave gift??? (after weeks of nagging and begging and pleading for a blue DSlite, it would seem she likes the cats, I am hoping the DSlite lasts a little longer, but I'm not placing any bets)

And here she is. My gorgeous 8 year old! She went off this morning with a tray of cupcakes to share with her class and the other Natalie in her class who is also 8 today! (they figured out that our Nat is 3 hours older) Can you believe in a town of 1500 people, that the other person who shares Natalie's birthday is ALSO a Natalie??? I couldn't either

So, happy birthday big girl. Hope all your dreams come true!
And happy birthday Mumsy! Love you lots, and I have a WAY cool present for you when we are on the island:)


Kerryn said...

Look at your adorable grown up girl! Happy birthday Natalie :).

(You two were such CUTE new parents :) )

danndel said...

Happy Birthday Natalie, I hope you have a lovely day!!!

I remember when you were born Uncle Daniel was so proud of his brand new niece, he carted photos of you around in his pocket everywhere he went :)

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Natalie and Kirsty's Mum. What a cute little bubba she was!

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hi Kirsty, just wanted to say thanks for your awesome sketch, can't believe I won $20 for my first one ever, how cool is that? Now I'm totally hooked, you rock!!!!!!!! Happy birthday x 2, love that they share the same, so sweet, bet 8 years feels like 8 days? Time sure flys when you're having fun, Tiff :o)

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Happy birthday Girls :).. She is gorgeous Kirsty hope she had a great day. How fun are the ds's hehe xx

foxylady said...

Pity it took her mother 19 hours to be born - and has yet to get anywhere on time???
Just joking Love Dadsy see you on the weekend

Bee and Rose said...

Happy Birthday (belated!), Natalie! Cute photos! (as usual!)

Chloe said...

Happy birthday to you both! I hope you had a great day!!!

jacqui jones said...

happy birthday miss nat

wow look how young u both look hehe
miss nat was the first baby i ever held...i was so scared lol

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

What a sweet post! Your daughter is gorgeous! Happy birthday to two special ladies in your life!