Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Faves!

All images in this post are STOLEN!!! Not one of them belong to me or my camera, and I am okay with that, I was (quite frankly) far too lazy to get up and find my stinking camera and then hunt down the things that make me happy. Its been one of THOSE days!
#1 this week is my sleep mask. Its not funky like these. It is pink and had 'Beauty Sleep' embroidered across the eyes.
My allergies have been yucky again this week, and I loooooove putting my sleep mask in the freezer while I am at work and putting it on when my eyes get itchy once I come home again.
I also like that I can wear it while Mick stays up reading in bed, and I can sleep. Even if he is laughing at me, quite loudly... #2 a cold bed.
I love anything cold. I love to sit on a chair thats cold and get into a cold bed. I hate getting a chair thats warm and covered in someone else's germs, and I love cold crisp sheets.
I even turn on my AC about 1/2 an hour before I go to bed, direct the fan onto my pulled down bed, and make sure those sheets are good and cold. Then I also ensure that I go to bed before Mick so I can use up his side of the bed's coldness before using mine.
I think I have a problem.

(I am also a fan of this bedroom...I wonder if this is what mine will look like when it grows up...)

#3 Friday night 'blow out'. Celebrity Slim is doing my head in. And I now LIVE for Friday night when I allow myself to have a burger. ***drooooool**** (Mick is off collecting cooking dinner as I type)

#4 I used to love Enid Blyton books when I was young, and Natalie had just discovered them
We were finding it hard to find something for her to read that was challenging enough for her reading level, but still right for her age level. Most of the books she can read, she probably shouldn't be reading...but these are so good. Not too challenging, and totally innocent (even if Noddy was feeling a little queer and got into bed with Big Ears... - sorry, couldn't resist!!!)

#5 my order of Bazzill Swiss Dotted Card stock arrived this week, and its lovely. Really really lovely.

I got two of each of the available colours

And I am glad.

I only have the smallest amount of buyers remorse...

Soooooo, what are your faves this week????


danndel said...

LOL, I love cold beds too and will admit to doing exactly the same things as you!!!

jacqui jones said...

im enjoying the spot cardstock too its nice!!

lol about the cold bed, u really do live in the wrong state..:)
i do wonder if my bedroom will look like this too when i grow up, but we thinks making the bed daily is probably a good place to start..:) heh

pink4u said...

I love cold Beds too...can't stand to be hot...and I live in tropical Florida!!!
I've been enjoying all of your posts this week..You are such a great Blogger!! and project creator!!
Enjoy your dinner tonight!!!

Joanie :)

Pound said...

i want that burger.

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hey Kirsty, just came to tell you that I am going to do my first sketch today over at WP thanks to your inspirational design. I like it so much I may even do a couple while hubby is here to watch over the kidlets LOL!!! Also I saw your pic of the EB books. They were my favs growing up and I got such a kick seeing the photo of them all lined up. I'm scraplee in the gallery so you know who I am when I uplaod later today, thanks for sharing, see ya soon, Tiff :o)

Gine said...

Enjoy your dinner, we "cooked" chines tonight
Those Bazzills looks awesome
I love my bed nice and toasty, probably hanging left from living in Norway.. I love my room freezing :lol:

Have a wonderful weekend =)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I hope your husband appreciates all the hard work you do soaking up the coldness from the bed! Too funny...

Krissy C said...

OMG I so agree about the cold bed and cold chairs!!LOL @ Noddy and Big ears!!I think I need some of that cardstock it looks devine :)

Krissy xx

Kerryn said...

I LOVE Enid Blyton books. I have kept heaps from my childhood that I hope one day Naomi will enjoy.