Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Faves!

#1 is 'love hair'

Okay...a leeeeeetle bit gross maybe...

Bwahahha...what is love hair I hear you ask??? Well, I have a wee problem with moulting. I lose a fair whack of hair every day. and sadly (and grossly) some of it ends up in the food.

To stop the kids complaining quite so much, I told them it was 'love hair' and that I put it in random people's dinners each night to show them how much I love them. Now they fight when they don't get one *sigh*

#2 Autumn Leaves Urban Junque. I love the look of it:-)
So pretty and vintagey and just plain gorgeous!
#3 these new border punches from Fiskars! I want one!!!

Or two... #4 is the smell of bleach. I know, its SO not good for me, but it just smells so clean! I love when I scrub something with it I can smell it on my hands.
#5 is this add from Coke. I LOVE how the girl is trying to cram the cattle dog into her handbag like a chihuaua. It seriously makes me laugh WAY out loud every time I hear it. The kids call me into the TV room if I am not there when it comes on!

Darn...blogger won't let me embed it, but here is a link....

Funniest ad in the UNIVERSE!


jacqui jones said...

the hair thing is funny

Andrea said...

Too funny about the hair! Good way to get your family to not complain about it, though :)

pink4u said...

WOW....look at that hair!!! Glad I don't have to pay for her hair products!! All of that shampoo and conditioner!!!LOL!!

That commercial is hysterical!

Your scrap goodies are so have very good taste!!

Have a great weekend!
Joanie :)

Dena said...

I am a hair molter too! It is ridiculous. Yesterday it ended up in my dang coffee.

I am ALL about the Urban Junque paper. It is GORGEOUS!!!

I hope you had a fabulous week and have an even better weekend :)

Bee and Rose said...

Thanks for the "heads" up on the hair thingy! I lose hair alot too...that just stinks! Now I can justify this to my kids! lol!

Love the paper and the punches!

Theresa said...

oo oo Kirsty, I want those punches too and those papers are gorgeous.

mary smith said...

That's some pretty outrageous hair, alright!

danndel said...

I so love the smell of bleach too, open up a bottle and I instantly feel like my house is clean :) :)