Friday, February 6, 2009

He's actually listening!

Sam that is. Most of the time we figure he is either ignoring us, or completely oblivious to us. You know, typical 4 year old behaivour...But apparently, yesterday, we got proof he isn't in his own little world!

Whilst at day care they were discussing camels...(not sure how the conversation got steered towards camels) and his day care mum was telling them that camels store water in their humps.
Sam looked at her and laughed..."noooooo, they have fat in there" Alrighty said the day care mum, lets look it up.

And he was right...

Smack me down with a pickle.

Apparently they store the 20 gallons of water they can drink at a time in their blood stream. Sam didn't know that bit, but he does now!

Heeee, look at that funny camel! I think I want one as a pet!

And sorry, couldn't resist...a gratuitous 'camel toe' shot Bwahahahaha!!!! Almost makes me want to get a tattoo!


Theresa said...

OH Kirsty
I want a pet one too. My hubby and I went camel riding in Port Maquarie last year for our wedding anniversary and it was just fantastic. We went on the beach and the camels were so tame and gorgeous. They let us cuddle their necks and scratch their bums while were riding them. I just love camels but their breath is disgusting. One tried to give me a kiss. Pewwwwwwwwwwwwww

Rebecca Jo said...

who knew... that's funny... they are cute. but they spit BAD!!!!

Bee and Rose said...

That's so funny that you post about camels today! We are going to the Renaissance Faire in a few weeks and all Catherine talked about today was how she wanted to ride the camel!

and a "High Five" to your wee guy!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

That tattoo is too funny! And you mights want to rethink your pet choice...camels are so smelly and they spit! Yuck!

:) Tiff said...

wow Kirsty.
so many followers of your blog.
how do u do it.
and LOL camel toe.
i had visions of tight undies.

Felicity said...

how cute is your son.. LOL about being right.. clever boy.. Love the camel toe!!
Felicity xx

Paige said...

hehehe...what a smarty. Love the tattoo.

Dena said...

OMG John would totally die laughing if he saw this picture. Hiliarous. Thanks for the giggle this morning LOL