Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In

Yes quickly this day seems to roll around... I lost a grand (!!??!!) total of 0.5kg (1.1lb) not great, but its a loss, and I'll take any loss ;-)

So, all up, thats 8.3kg or 18.3lbs (WOW, sounds impressive in lbs!!!)

Still no sign of my order of shakes Mum and Del, so you guys really saved my skin last week! I have kind of been trying to spread out my shakes...some days only having one. I hope my order arrives soon, but its coming from Vic, so it might be a while...


lagirl said...

Just think, 2 more lbs lost and you'll be down a complete DRESS SIZE!!!

Doncha just LOVE that?!

Chloe said...

WTG Kirst! A loss is a loss... your doing great!

If you're ever stuck for shakes I can always send them to you, too. No probs!

Sharon said...

Wow Kirsty - 8KG so far! Man, I would have to get new pants if I lost that much...I think. I'd be excited anyhow! well done.

Marcelle rang the other day, was great to catch nice being back "in touch" with you again! Isn't the internet and blogging great! Told M she should have a blog as well, there's always something happening in her world! xoxo

Deb said...

Hey my lovely, thanks for your comments on my blog! Congrats on your loss too, we are just superstars. I am going to go and burn up the kjs from a bar of sugarless chocolate by vacumming and mopping the floor. Hurrah for housework!!