Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Faves!

Oh my gosh...this week, felt like it went FOREVER! That may have been because I was a single mummy for the week. I suck at being a single mum. Ladies, I really don't know HOW you do it. I was curled up ina ball rocking by Tuesday! LOL

#1 this week, is my as yet, un used by me Bind it all!!! It arrived today! A lovely blogger was selling this, and my lovely friend Lauren saw that it was for sale, and let me know! How cool is she??? I posted before Christmas that this was on my wish list and she remembered! It is even pink!!!

Sam and I went out on Monday for morning tea with lauren and her lovely family, SO much fun! I however had forgotten to take my Celebrity Slim shake and had to cut the visit short...I truly am SO disorganised! #2 Now some people only get to hear the Happy Birthday song once or twice a year. Not so at our house!
The Happy Birthday song is our new measure if time! The kids ask how many Happy Birthday's long they have to clean their rooms, brush their teeth (hard to sing whilst brushing, so I sing while they brush) and washing their hands.
So funny. I keep hearing happy birthday sung from the toilet..LOL
#3 The sheer awesomeness and generosity of Australians following the Victorian bushfires.

We have been accepting donations at the bank. Each day the account is cleared and the tally begins afresh. This morning my first deposit into the showed that the balance of the account was at about $150 000. By lunch time it was over $1million. WOW.
This is happening every day. (This is not just a local account. Donations Australia wide are accepted into the account)

I just feel SO glad to be an Aussie!

#4 Ratings period TV.
Ahhh, all my fave shows are back on. No more tennis or craptacular re runs.
Criminal Minds (or Savage Killers as Mick calls it)....

Lie To Me....
(I would hate to work or live with this guy. He is SO honest and can totally tell when you are fibbing)

And Greys. Ah, Greys. My all time fave forever and ever...we are BFFs:)

#5 is Sam's 'monkeys'.

He made these monkeys at Day Care last week. And they have been taken with us everywhere. They are a broken clothes peg with a furry pipe cleaner wrapped around them.
I am not sure what makes them monkey-ish in his eyes, but he LOVES them.

And we learned the 5 Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed song...seemed appropriate somehow LOL
Sooooooo...what are yours?


Aga said...

Hi Kirsty,
Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes - our nephew is doing much better!
Aga xx

PS. I'm loving Sam's monkeys :)

:) Tiff said...

Hiya Kirsty.
I never get the time to watch TV, the weather is about it, if I turn it on as I am making tea.
How do u find the time to scrap and watch the shows?? or do you scrap with a tv in your room??
love ya friday faves.

pink4u said...

LOVE your new *PINK* Bind it all...I even love how its packaged!! Lucky girl!!
Very scary to hear about the fires. Very sad too....

Take care and stay safe..