Monday, February 23, 2009

I am NOT a stalker!

This is what Mick calls me when I start taking photos of the kids when they are asleep.

I have been better lately, but last night when I went to tuck Charlotte in for the night, I saw her sound asleep, and all snuggled up to her three favourite things... I just couldn't resist. Its about the only time during a day when she is still and quiet. LOL

She is cuddled up to her Poppy Bear (named because Poppy gave it to her - My dad -aka Poppy- bought each of his own children and now each of his grandchildren a teddy bear on the day they were born. Not just ANY old bear, a lot of thought goes into each one. Lots of teddy stores, and lots of bears rejected as 'not quite right'. I don't know what makes them 'right', but once he sees the bear, he knows that its the right one. I still have my bear.)

She also is clutching 'Pooh Binky', you can just see his little yellow nose poking out above Poppy Bear. She has loved this blanket with a Winnie-the -Pooh bear head attatched since it arrived in the post when she was only tiny. She used to rub his head with the palm of her hand whilst sucking her dummy(pacifier), and you knew you were special when she offered you a pat of his 'ear-wahs' (I used to love the way she said ears when her dummy was in her mouth...still makes me smile thinking about it now) When Sam was born, she used to sit beside me on the coush and breastfeed Pooh Binky while I fed Sam.

And her mermaid pillow. A newer addition to her faves, but no less special in her eyes. She really has a 'thing' for mermaids:)

So, you see, I am NOT stalking at all...I just look at these sleeping babies of mine and I am overcome with memories and feelings and love. I see them sleep and my feelings almost overwhelm me. I try to catch it with my camera, but even my mighty Nikon (LOL) can't capture how I feel when I see them sleeping.

Yeah, I am a sap, deep deep down inside:)


Kerryn said...

LOL Kirsty! I know that feeling you get when they are peacefully asleep. All the worries of the day disappear.

Mick better watch out though, you might catch him asleep with the camera next hehe.

Theresa said...

Your photos are so precious. I still like to watch my son sleep and he is 18 now. Treasure each moment of your babies because they grow so fast and we never know how long we will have them. I almost lost my son in a car crash last year and now I treasure him ever so much more even though at times he drives me nuts and I think I am going kick him out of the house. (giggle giggle) You tell Mick that I give you permission to stalk your gorgeous kids as much as you like. Every photo and every moment is so precious.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great photo! I, too, love to photograph my boys sleeping. They are so peaceful and sweet.
And it's the only time they are truly still!