Saturday, February 7, 2009

Some Wicked Valentines:-)

I've been playing with my December Wicked Princess kits this weekend (*heh*, yes I am two months behind LOL)

Thought I would use the Dragon kit for some male type cards...

NB I am NO card maker ...just FYI ;-) And one for my husband (not that he would even notice it was 'handmade' LOL)

And something kind of 'girly'. Using the Enchantress kit (Oh my stars, such gorgeous papers and ribbons and colours in this kit!)

I saw a tutorial for some felt fortune cookies on a blog, I thought I would give it a go using paper (as I have a LOT more paper than felt lying around LOL) They don't look quite as good as the felt, but cute nonetheless.
I thought these could be a nice little gift for the girls to give their teachers. Pop in a few lollies or chockies (our house is a lolly free zone, or I would have modelled them LOL) and some sweet little sentiments on the strips to go in the fortune cookies and voila!
Thanks for stoppingby!
*I had a post up this morning about the local hearse. Mick suggested I take it down in case I offended someone, just if you thought you were going crazy and thought you had imagined things LOL*


Theresa said...

I think you are a great card maker. Those cards are fabulous. I was curious to see the article about the herse but when I came back to your blog it was gone. I am a nosey beak and I wouldn't have been offended by it. It sounded interesting to me. As for the lollies, my house now contains sugar free lollies and they taste great. Acutually I am munching on one right now. I buy the Double D brand. They are a bit pricey but I only have one or two a day so the pack lasts a while. Hubby and son don't like them so more for me. (giggle giggle)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You have got mad, mad card making skills, Kirsty. I would totally buy the ones that you feature in this post.

I would have to disagree and say that you are most definitely a card maker. Or you just got really, really lucky with your card making kit. :)


Jennifer said...

These cards look beautiful!! I'm not crafty at all, keep up the good work! and you have a beautiful family by the way!

Chloe said...

Not a card-maker?! Don't make me choke on my popcorn!!! Your cards are awesome!!!

As for hubby not realising the card's handmade... I can totally sympathise... when I gave my DH a card a while back he said "It's got the toilet sign on it". He was refering to a Scenic Route man rub-on... my card-making skills obviously count for nothing! LOL! MEN!!!

Kandiss said...

Wow!! These cute and nice valentine cards are looking wonderful...

Aga said...

I really like your cards too Kirsty and love the cute fortune cookies :)
Aga xx

Marisa said...

Love the cards, they are fantastic...I have a special something for you over at me blog, I hope you like it :) have a wonderful day!

Kerryn said...

GORGEOUS chickie! Love it all :).