Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Faves!

Okay...I have NO idea what is going on with the pics in this post....just play along 'kay??? LOL

#1 is October afternoon. I love their new lines, I love their old lines. I just love their products...gorgeous!

I love visiting their blog for the little peeks they show!

#2 is my husband, and his funny habit of calling me 'mate'. At first it bothered me. But 10 years later, I kind of find it sweet and endearing...I mean most wives get called 'honey' or 'sweetie' or something equally as bland. Not everyone gets called 'mate' in every 2nd sentence LOL

And every time he says "love ya mate" it really does make me smile.

#3 is kids and their sticky hands. WHY are they always sticky??? Who knows..I just love that I have two sets of sticky hands that would cheerfully hold onto mine everywhere we go (one set of hands is getting less sticky, and less likely to want to hold my hand...Nat will hold my hand to cross the road, but now rips it away as soon as we are safely across)

#4 Ahhhhh Claratyne. My BFF this week, and last week. My allergies have been horrid this week, and this stuff is magic! I actually ran out one night, and had to skull half a bottle (well not quite) of the kids Claratyne syrup....EW!!!

#5 is Demotivators....

"Minds are like parachutes, just because you have lost yours doesn't mean you can borrow mine"

"Tradition: Just because you have always done it that way doesn't mean its not incredibly stupid"

"Quality: The race for quality has no finish line, so technically its more like a death march"
I think Iwant a calendar full of these!
Have a great weekend! Hook me up with your faves!


:) Tiff said...

love your friday faves.
start off my day with a big smile.

Pound said...

i love the new OA!
and that's so weird, here it's called claritin. you guys have it spelled all wrong :P

Kerryn said...

The OA is to die for isn't it! I've been seeing the releases on their blog and OMG I love it all!

Bummer 'bout the allergies. Hope you are feeling better :).

:) Tiff said...

Hiya Kirsty.

Just letting u know the parcel arrived today.

thankyou so much. You are too generous. Am about to start using the pull-eze ribbon bags. (need to sort out my ribbon stash first) so this is perfect timing for the 'Wicked Princess' scrummy ribbons.

Love the OA rubons and the prima lollypop flower.

Thanks so much.

Tanya said...

Hey Kirsty, I love OA!!! And Cherry Hill is as gorgeous as ever! Wonder if it will appear in a WP kit real soon?? :P I like that your hubby calls you 'mate'. Mine does it sometimes, and then I stop and go "Hey I'm not your mate" and he changes it to "love" or "bub"....LOL

Bee and Rose said...

Love the cherry goodies! Friday favs are usual!

Dena said...

I had to put OA on my list this past week too LOL
Those cherries, they caught me. Now hopefully they can get their act together and actually get the product out.

And John LOVES the Demotivators LOL he has them for a screen saver at work. Always good for a quick laugh

I hope you are doing well sweets. I have been so busy I havent had time to come check you out as much as I would like to

pink4u said...

Great Faves!!!Those Demovators are so cool!! I had to check out the website!
I am with you on the allergy thing..I am so miserable today..I may have to remove my head.. lol!
I really WANT the cherry pretty.....You can never have enough scrap goodies ..right?? :)
Take care!! Joanie:)