Sunday, February 8, 2009


We have a winner...
For this lovely kit...its just sitting in my room, waiting for an owner:-) Soooooo, I wanted to be UBER fair. I mean I had friends, relatives, cyber friends etc in that drawing, so I decided to be the ultimate in 'fair', and went to the number generator thingy. truly though, I wanted to give one away to EVERYONE who fact, I think I may need a new give away next week...might have to go through my stash and make up a new give away. Who knew it could be so much FUN?!?!?
Thanks everyone who left a comment:)
It drew number.....

danndel said...
I love all of the kits that you use Kirsty, they're so lovely :)
February 1, 2009 6:22 PM
YAY! Its my sis in law Adele, and she is lovely and will do wonderful things with the Wicked goodies I shall post off this week:)
I also then drew out two more numbers....
So, Sonia and Tiff, if you could shoot me your addy ( ) I'll send you a little prize of my own!
Don't forget to go over to Wicked Princesses and check out the new Card DT, and the lovely kits that Karen and Tam have made up for February!!! (I've ordered mine!)


:) Tiff said...


As I said in the email to you:
wowsers. What a buzz.
Thanks Kirsty ever so much. I have a tiny little bit of wicked princess in my stash and this is so fantastic to add to it.
cant wait to get my hands on it.

thank you so so much.

and LOL the other Tiff. Thanks for letting me know chick. Us Tiff's got to stick together.

rock on.

danndel said...

YAAAAAY, thanks Kirsty I am so excited :) :)

Anonymous said...

aww chook, you are gorgeous! you honestly dont have to do that, I don't expect it at all. thanks heaps! mwah!