Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We are back!

From THE Wedding. Strdbroke Island was beautiful, and the day was perfect...despite threatened oil spills, washed up explosive containers and a looming cyclone! (seriously, I have never heard Straddie mentioned on the news - except in relation to drunken schoolies escapades- and it was mentioned every night on the news when we were over there!!)

The bride looked amazing! And my girls did a wonderful job as flowergirls - for the 4th time. LOL Many jokes about their 'professional flowergirl' status.

And we got the bride to the ceremony on time! She would have been the most easygoing bride ever! We went to check out the spot for the ceremony when we first arrived, and, well, it had gone. The beach where the wedding was to be help had been washed away in the choppy cyclone seas and massive tides. So she just shrugged and found a plan 'B'.

My dad was SO proud of his girl.

The dress was AMAZING!

My brother was an awesome MC (he tried telling us that MC= Mr Cool, I'm not buying it) And my other brother was wonderful with all the technical 'stuff' like the PA and the music:)

My sis was a beautiful bridesmaid

And mum looked amazing in her $200 shoes (but I SAVED 40% was the oft heard cry!!)

And the spot which was plan 'B' was perfect. Look at that view that we had to watch whilst at the ceremony

And I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief that it is finished! I have about a squillion photos still to come. I foolishly only took one memory card, and so have dumped all my pics onto my brothers lap top...he is going to create a disc of all the photos taken for us to have:)

Its nice to be home!


Tanya said...

oooh I LOVE Straddie!!!! What an awesome wedding location! Great to hear you had a wonderful time x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family and what beautiful pictures!!!

Lauren said...

Welcome back! What a place for a wedding. Your sister was a beautiful bride - but where are the photos of you?

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

So beautiful...everything and everyone looked amazing! I love your girls with the little parasols!

Nicole said...

Looks like a fab wedding. Gorgeous photos.

Where abouts do you live???



Felicity said...

Oooh, how nice is the beach where they got married and to have a cool calm collected Bride, even better!!! lol at your girls being professional flower girls! Cant wait to see more photos!!
Take care
Felicity x

Marisa said...

Welcome back, love the photos! They make a beautiful couple. But I didn't see a photo of you! Will you be adding one to show off your outfit?

Kerryn said...

Great to have you back :). Your sister made a beautiful bride! (ditto to what Marisa said - where is the photo of you??? )

Jodi said...

What a grougeous Bride!!! And where was the photo of the $200 shoes!! LOL

Sharon said...

Hey Kirsty - everyone looked GORGEOUS but waiting for the one of you and Mick (btw - your mum and dad have not changed one little bit!!)Can't wait to see more photos! xox

:) Tiff said...

love to see the pics of you, your shoes and late at night after a couple of 'refreshments'