Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Faves :-)

#1 having my hubby safe and sound home with us:) I know that when he goes out to these fires he is safe, but not being able to contact him or even knowing exactly where he is, is kind of scary at times! And besides, its just nice having him in my bed to warm my feet on LOL #2 now, I swear I am not a psycho serial killer, but again, another writer of serial killer fiction is in my list! Am loving Lisa gardiner books...I read two this week and am heading to the library to see if they have any more!

#3 Fairly predictable, but I am loving having an upstairs inside laundry. Its oh so civilised!

#4 My Slice.....Ahhhhhhhh....I truly never thought I would own such an awesome machine:) I am loving it!

#5Love this song and film clip by Kate Miller-Heidke, so lovely:)

So there we faves....and EARLY this week! I have decided that after a tough day in hell at work, is NOT a good time to try and think of things that made me happy this week LOL


Jodi said...

I really love that photo of you both!!
Can relate to the inside laundry too. We had an outside one at Moree with little kids and it was so hard!!
Actually not little kids, my newborns!!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

O0o0o I will have to check those books out hun. I just send DF to the library to get me some more pregnancy dvd's and a few books I was reccomended hehe xx Gorgeous pic of you and hubby :)

Krissy C said...

Such a gorgeous photo Kirsty! My hubby uses me to warm his feet on LOL

I'll have to keep an eye out for that book :)

Krissy xx

foxylady said...

me Lisa your faves as always and as usual I will be late

danndel said...

I LOVE that photo of you and Mick!!

I wish my husband would warm my feet but no I get "Don't touch me, the cocoon is in effect!" LOL :)

:) Tiff said...

lol. I have warm fluffy bed socks and his feet to warm mine. oh and his buns to warm my tummy.

Kylie said...

Lovein' your Firday Fave!! Congrats on SWV DT posi & new laudry :0)
KylieJ xx

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great list!

And that photo of you and your husband is stunning...what a sweet moment captured! Your kids are going to love having that photo one day!

Dena said...

That photo of you guys is so perfect! So natural and lovely. I am so far behind on 5 faves it isnt even funny Kirsty.
Miss you ohhh and your layouts were BEAUTIFUL in the post above! I love the birdhouse project!