Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Faves :-)


#1 this week is the movie Night At The Museum 2. Hilarious! Laughed and laughed...Mick even watched and had occasional giggles:) I love family movies that we ALL get something out of! #2 Family movie home, snuggled under blankets with lots of naughty movie type popcorn might ALSO be another fave LOL
#3 Seeing my kids gain confidence on their two wheels:)

They are loving themselves sick now they can ride without training wheels...and I even let then ride around our very quiet block alone the other week! I can't bring myself to let them do it again though LOL!

We go for a ride every afternoon, and they are just so pleased with themselves!

Even this guy....but he is happy to stick with his training wheels for a little bit longer;)

#4 The kids are also loving the dress up box. Last weekend they played for hours only coming inside to change their costumes....

And no, Sam is NOT wearing a box on his head its a helmet...DUH!

#5 would have had to be having my sis here.
It was so much fun...we pretty much did nothing, but I think that's kinda what she wanted....She left this morning, and I keep finding little reminders of on my camera...

She bought fingerless she could use up a whole month's internet download in a week type and still be warm. She was loving herself sick also...

And my computer is now full of random wierd pics like this one of Amy and my little bro Kim

And some wedding of two people whom I have never met in my life!!!LOL
have a great weekend guys...its feeling like a scrappy one;)


Kerryn said...

LOL Love your faves! Especially loving the random photos, I bet they had a ball with your camera! :)

Jillene said...

Dress-up boxes are always a hit!! My kids LOVE to dress-up. And bike rides and movie popcorn are good things too. Now I want to go to the moies!! (0;

AJ said...


I am a very RAD sister... although I thought I deleted that one of me...ooooops! Glad I can amuse your followers!!

Missing your face heaps!!


foxylady said...

ooo I trieto comment last night and be the first cab off the rank..but my computer froze and I got cross and went to bed. Love your faves..told u that the movie was hillarious.. and the kids must love riding their bikes..I know u guys did..
Thanx 4 looking after the AJAX for you heaps

foxylady said...

O my gosh that sultry picture of AJAX I thought it was similar...scary

Jill said...

I love the concentration look on your kiddos faces while they are riding their bikes! It's awesome!