Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's with the poll???

Well, Mick and i are currently having a bit of a disagreement...he thinks I feed the cat too much. At the moment the delicate little petal gets a small tin of food for breakfast and lunch, he has biscuits all day and then before I go to bed he gets half a tray of pet mince.

I bought a tin of tuna for the other day...How the heck can they know that the tuna in this tin is a virgin???Yep, it was flaked virgin tuna. I asked Mick thinking I was terribly funny, and he went all serious on me. So I brought it over here to my blog...where I can be as funny as I like...or not. LOL

The kids and I went to the park, and Sam had to stop on the gravel pile on the way to make 'Dirt fairies' (***heh*** his country kid, Aussie version of a snow angel) Ahhhhh, look at that little under the chin bit. It one of my favourite parts of soft and cute!
Look at my babies...having a blast. I only took a few shots, cause then I put the camera away so i could play too! LOL It looked fun, and I couldn't play AND take pics!
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Thanks for stopping by! I will be back later with my entry for So You Think You Can Scrap. *sigh* Its not going so great actually. I keep wandering away looking for inspiration and some funkiness. Alas, I haven't been able to find any (funkiness that is...inspiration abounds, but I am funky - less).


Kerryn said...

Does look like they are having fun!
I did get a giggle out of the virgin tuna ;), even if hubby didn't LOL.

jacqui jones said...

oh u r not funky less lol

oh the cat...its a more spoilt cat than mine hehe

we still have the same cat!...yes the one u know she is getting old. anyway she is on a totally biscuit diet these days...royal canin mature indoor outdoor cats. its expensive but we are actually required to feed her less, something about it being a whole food?? dont know blame the vet! lol
but we havent never seen her this healthy..running and jumping all over the place