Friday, September 26, 2008

Five Fab faves...on a Friday TWO weeks running!

Impressive I know! LOL

#1 the christmas yummies that are starting to pop up everywhere..I am loving the Basic Grey Wassail (and may or may not have pre ordered shall never know LOL) And the Bo bunny pretty!!!! All pinks and turquoises YUM! (I may or may not have these on order too...I figure no matter how much christmas stuff I get, there is a christmas to scrap EVERY YEAR!!!)
#2 I *heart* Google...and I thought it was funny to google google. heh. I was waiting for my computer to explode with the sheer craziness of it if you travel back in time and see your self...or something...
#3 I finally got to see 27 dresses. Loved it. I was SO over romantic comedies, but I totally enjoyed this!
#4 I bought myself a cd this week. I had been visiting a blog that had this amazing song, and I kept visiting this blog and playing the song over and over, until it occured to me (I know, I know, I never claimed any sort of intelligence) I could actually OWN the cd. So now I own an Alison Krause cd and listen to 'simple love' ALL day! Bet that poor blogs 'hits' have halved since this arrived LOL
#5 particular cheescake from The Cheesecake Shop. Micks parents bring some whenever they come to visit. So we feasted on cheescake! This time it was white choc/milk choc marbled half and an apple crumble on vanilla half. DELISH!
Thanks to everyone for putting there name down for the RAK...I am feeling rather loved...even if I had to bribe you all! LOL
Link me to your 5 faves if you do them! i'd love to see:-)


Dena said...

MMMMMMMMM Cheesecake!!!!
It is definitely one of my faves! so very very good.
I just love the Wassail line as well. I am not a Christmasey type of girl but those papers are so beautiful!
Hope that you are doing well and have a great weekend.
Hugs to you :)

danndel said...

Hey I'm impressed, I struggle to make it on a Friday, this was my first Friday in ages :)

Mmmm, the marble cheesecake is one of my faves :)