Monday, September 29, 2008

Just FYI....

The kids and I are going to pick up our new kitten today...names for the kitten suggested so far: Marmalade, Soldier Killer Guy (Yep, thanks Sam), Sparkles Tangerine, Treacle and many many more floating around. I managed to track down a little ginger kitty. There is something about a ginger cat that makes me happy. When we went to get Super Kitty, we went with the intention of getting a ginger kitten, but we fell in love with Super Kitty's spirit.

I was told the other day that all ginger cats are male...anyone out there know if this is true???

Just thought I had better warn you that there may be some super cute little kitten pics soon:-)

Have a wonderful day...NSWers enjoy the first day ofr school holidays! We are already one week down WOOT! Our day is going to involve a park date with friends, picking up a kitty...then loving on the kitty for the rest of the afternoon.

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Marisa Page said...

You would not believe it Kirsty we have new additions to our family as well, my youngest dd came home yesterday with 2 kittens only 4 weeks old, they are so small and not weened properly, 1 is black & white and the other is ginger & white. Sorry to say the ginger one is female. Now Wobbles is trying to kill them so I don't know if we can keep them, which is sad they are so cute.

danndel said...

Oooh, can't wait to see photos of your new kitty!!

Daniel wants to trade Azrael in for a new kitty because he won't sit on his lap and cuddle.

foxylady said...

apparently 1 in 3 ginger cats are female (that is the ratio) the ginger thingy is on the x chromosone... and so you need to have both x's with that any help

Pound said...

oh a new kitty!!! you should name him harry. he's a famous ginger :P

Sharon Solomons said...

Hey Kirst...I think you should go with Sam's name suggestion "Soldier killer guy" PMSL!! Absolute classic!!!

I'm still laughing as I type this, anyhoo I wish you all the best with the scraptac comp...I love your stuff and I hope you're in the top 24!!